Thursday, September 17, 2009

Sugar Rush at 8:30am!

This is how my morning was spent; at the lab, doing my one hour glucose test! Yuck! Although, I had a lovely fruit punch drink. It tasted like an even worse version of Hawaiian Punch. Then had to sit in the room for 1 hour until I could have my blood drawn. Thank goodness I am through with that!
I really don't need to be blogging right now, but I know that eventually my mind will wander over here so I might as well do it now so I can concentrate on my to-do list for the rest of the day. We are also leaving for our trip tomorrow! Can't wait. I talked Robert into leaving tomorrow instead of Saturday. Secretly... I just want to be home to see the family and attend the family reunion on Sunday! Ha! Seriously, it is some of the best food I will eat all year round and to miss it by a few hours depressed me. How lame am I?! Haha!
I stopped by the commissary on the way home and picked up snacks, water, and juice for the trip. I still have to make a trip to the post office and bank... maybe I can accomplish that sometime today.
So much to do. I have quite a few assignments that are due Sunday night that I have to get done today. Along with laundry and dishes. And packing. And checking things off my list. Whew. I better get started! Sorry for the boring post. Maybe I will have some funnies to tell from our trip next time!
Oh and I think I found a camera I like. I have researched and reviewed and I narrowed it down to the new Canon PowerShot. So if you have any opinions on cameras, please do tell!

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  1. Lenora, Denver's mom got one of those I think... it had 10x zoom was the one she got for their trip. Also, go with best buy and consider the plan. It fixed my camera when I spilled oily salad dressing on it. It gave me a new battery only to let me keep the old one. it is worth looking into for sure! Also if you have the best buy credit, zero interest for so many months if you are lucky!