Monday, September 14, 2009


Computer AC Adaptor Cord = $80.00
Trip to Best Buy in Palm Desert = 1 hr 15 minutes
Having my computer back up and running = Priceless!!!

You know when people talk about how they could go a few days without a computer, well I thought I was one of them. It'd be nice to sit around and watch TV and get caught up on all my house chores that I sadly neglect without checking my e-mail, facebook, blogs, homework, etc.


It was depressing. I felt so out of the loop. I was even literally referring my situation to that of something off of "Little House on the Prairie". Pitiful huh?

I had a dr's appt this morning. It was uneventful. I measured 27 weeks which is spot on for where we are. I go to take the nast glucose drink/blood test this week. And the dr answered all of my 6 questions! :)

We are headed back to AR this weekend! I cannot wait! While we are there we are going to have Thompson a NEMO birthday party! I think it will be really cute! We hope to stay about 10 days to two weeks or so. The best part... we are driving. Oh yeah. Jealous? Ha! 21 hours in the vehicle with Robert and HIS ipod. Can't wait. Plus... I am dreading the after effects of the ride. You know... the swolleness that will consume my body! AGHHHH! We were down in Palm Desert for a day and I was already starting to swell. Oh well.

21 hour car ride with the hubby and son = praying for sanity
A ipod that I know will be tossed OUT the window somewhere along I40 = $200
Seeing my baby boy celebrate his 2nd birthday with all of our friends and family = Priceless

P.S. Patrick Swayze passed away today! That is very heartbreaking to me seeing how "Dirty Dancing" has been and will always be one of my most FAVORITE movies! Johnny Castle, you will definitely be missed!


  1. You are so right - it will be a long drive, but it will also be so worth it!

    Safe travels - and buy a bungee for the ipod! :)

  2. Lenora, you can make it! Just sit back, read you a good book or books I shall say, and just think about all the things you are going to do when you get home. We can't wait to see the big boy and of course you two! ;)