Monday, September 28, 2009

And this is why I don't need a cell phone!

Ok, I have seriously had my Razor phone for over 2 years. The same phone. It definitely looks worn-- screen cracked, fuzzy lines on the screen, etc. Well, since we were back home I decided to go ahead and head on over to Verizon and see what phones they had since I was up for contract. I found a new phone and bought it. This was Thursday. Fast forward 3 days later...

My phone is dead. Not low battery dead, but washed in my jeans in the washing machine dead. It's pitiful. How can I have a phone for over 2 years and never have any major problems??? But in 3 days I manage to ruin a brand new phone! Ugh. I am sick.

I blame it on my preggo brain. Or my craziness of running around getting everything done for the party yesterday. I don't know. I am just mad. So now, I get to pay a $50 deductable with the insurance company and get a lovely new refurbished phone. Wonderful.

Luckily, it will be here tomorrow!

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  1. Lenora, reminds me of buying a new phone before LSU my first year...only to be down there two days and get out of my car and the phone falls to the ground to have a cracked screen. I had the similar phone and nothing ever happened! I screamed product defect and they said it was a weak point in the phone I just happened to hit. I had a refurbished phone and hated it ever since. Good luck!