Tuesday, September 22, 2009

On the road again...

Friday afternoon we left California with our sights set on Arkansas! We finally reached our destination Saturday night... just in time for Robert to watch the last quarter of the Hogs game and unfortunately see them lose... to Georgia. Now, my dear friend Christina is from Georgia and it would have made me oh so happy to see my HOGS dominate the nasty dawgs! But, it just didn't happen that way. Oh well!

Anyways, I only have one funny story to tell about the trip, and it is more of a one-liner. I took over my husband's ipod right about the New Mexico state line. To my surprise there was a whole slew of songs from a group that I use to love to listen to, Maroon 5. So as I am playing ALL of their songs, I could see Robert rolling his eyes and moaning and groaning. He finally said that he feels that he should be sitting in a coffee shop beating on a bongo drum. It cracked me up! To even picture my husband sitting in a coffee shop beating on a bongo drum is pretty much one of the funniest things yet!

But here are some great pictures (all of Thompson) from the road trip.

Thompson is scared of car washes!

So tired, but not wanting a nap!

Finally passed out!

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