Thursday, September 10, 2009

Haelp! Haelp!

This is Thompson's new favorite word! "Haelp!" Don't worry, he has definitely picked up the Southern accent to go along with it.

The other day we were at the pharmacy and I was up at the window talking to the lady. Well Thompson was in his stroller telling me "Out! Out!" And I told him that he had to stay in there for a little bit longer and then I would get him out. Well he then proceeded to turn around to the pharmacy lobby, filled with tons of people, and tell them "Need Haelp! Need Haelp!" It was too funny!

Don't know much of anything else these days. Still don't have any word on the re-enlistment, go figure. So therefore we don't know when we will be able to come back to AR. If Robert goes to the school in Oct. (which is doubtful) then we will have to make either a fast, fast trip to AR to get all of our stuff that is still there, wait until after January, or I come by myself while he is in school. The last one I am not too thrilled with seeing how I would have to haul a small trailer behind the pick-up on the way back. If he goes to school in January (which is probable) then we will be able to come back towards the end of the month for a month or so. That would be nice. But, unfortunately, I don't think I could get a house at Camp Pendleton til he started school (Jan) which would put me at delivering here in 29 Palms. And that is the ONE thing I don't want to happen. After last week's adventure, I really don't have too much faith in the medical practice here at our base. Sad, huh? Another thing that irritates me is that if I call on a Thurs morning asking for the dr. or nurse to call me back, I WANT a call back. On Friday, I call back up there saying that no one returned my call, and the girl reassured me that she would have someone call me back before they closed until WEDNESDAY! Well today is Thursday and I still haven't received a call back. Yes, I have given up on them. And yes, they will hear about it at my next appointment. Gees. A little professionalism is all I am asking for people, come on... is it that hard?!

Ok, I really am in a good mood today! I promise! I am about to head off to the grocery store. I love grocery shopping-- especially because I am now on a new adventure for the search of this Mexican Coca-Cola that Tracy is raving about. I found them at our Sam's Club here in CA, but unfortunately for all the Coke addicts of NWA, their Sam's club is holding out on them! So I will let you know if my search was successful. It probably won't be, but ya never know! :)

Oh, and I found my camera. And it doesn't work. I am praying it is the battery, but who knows. I really don't want to shell out more $$$ on a new camera, but it is kinda essential. So???? We will see. I will look for my charger today!

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