Monday, January 31, 2011

Just another Manic Monday!

We have been going non-stop today! I got the boys up and around had to go down to pick up our elliptical at the Sears about 40 minutes away. We dropped off the truck to go ahead and have it serviced while we there. So the boys and I walked around the mall to browse. I have been wanting to go to the H&M store since I found out they carry childrens clothes. I found the store and picked up a cute tshirt for Thompson. We then picked up the truck and elliptical and headed to Target. I was wanting to look at their patio furniture to see if they had any I liked. I wasn't crazy about any of them, so I just grabbed the boys their Valentine's Day shirts and left.

I had to make a 4:00pm dentist appointment so we were having to hurry! I got there on time and went on back. The boys were able to stay up front and play, which was nice. They were having to re-do a filling that I had done about 4 years ago. So they got me all numbed up and went to work. Little did I know what was going on right outside... a bank robbery! Literally, next door! The police came asking if anyone saw anyone suspicious and so on. Apparently they are still on the loose because cops were everywhere! 3 hours later and my mouth is still as numb as ever. Nice. Thankfully, we have our new "redneck Sonic" on base so I can go grab me a chocolate milk shake for dinner!

The boys are ROWDY!! Brycen has learned to climb onto the couch and now does it approximately 4,352 times a day. And then he jumps on the couch, which scares me to death.

We are just waiting on Robert to get home so he can watch the kids while I run away for a bit to find my sanity. Hope everyone's Monday has treated them well. I know all of my family and friends back in Arkansas are gearing up for a HUGE snow/ice storm! Crazy!! So glad I am not there experiencing that. I do remember all of the fun memories I had when I would have my girlfriends over so we all would get snowed in together! Fun, fun! Hope y'all all stay safe!!


Sunday, January 30, 2011

It's the simple things...

All pictures taken from my phone

Relaxing Weekend!

Just what I needed...

I swear it is taking me forever to recover from the fast and furious move! I am starting to get some energy back. Thank goodness, because this house needs decorated!

Last night to celebrate 6 years together, Robert and I took the boys to back down to Oceanside. We had a few errands to run and thought we would do a nice dinner too. Well, I decided to buy an elliptical machine last night at Sears and it took for-ev-er! By the time we left there, the mall was closed and we were so tired. We had been out and about since 3 and we still hadn't ate dinner. Robert asked if we could just grab something light and do a nice, big dinner next weekend. I happily obliged. :) So I chose my new favorite place, Jersey Mike's. It is sooooo good! Afterwards, we headed home. Our neighbors were getting together to celebrate a birthday so Robert and I went out to visit for a bit. It was nice. Everyone got along well and moving to a neighborhood, I am always skeptical.

Today, Thompson wanted donuts (again!) so I took him the donut shop and then we met up with one of our neighbors for a quick trip to Lowe's and then on to McDonald's to let the kids play. They have a little girl who is Thompson's age and a little boy who is 9 months old. It was cute because Hailey, the little girl, kept calling Thompson, Thomason. As we were leaving it started to rain. So we came home and I laid the boys down for a nap.

Tonight, I made beef stroganauf for dinner. So far it tastes really good. I used beef top round and it is just still so tough. I am going to keep cooking it for a bit and hopefully it will tender.

That's about it! Hopefully going to relax and watch some of my shows tonight!! Perfect!


Friday, January 28, 2011

Friday Night!!!

Wouldn't you think by that post something EXCITING was going on?!?!

I've got you fooled!

Unless, you consider the fear of Thompson having a stomach virus. The child rarely says anything hurts, but tonight after his nap he came and laid down on the couch complaining about his belly. Crossing my fingers nothing is wrong!

Robert is still working hard. I think I have seen him for like 2 hours this whole week. I know he works a lot, but I am secretly jealous of all of the husbands that get off at a normal time. There are many jobs in the Marine Corps that has this awesome routine, however, my husband never chooses those jobs. Oh well.

Tomorrow, Robert and I are celebrating 6 years of being together. Yes, I am one of those who still celebrates a dating anniversary! ;) Why not, it is another excuse for a nice dinner or something! ha!

Hope everyone has a great weekend. I am going to make Robert do something tomorrow after he gets off work. Sunday is back to work. Boo...

Is this cycle over yet???


Thursday, January 27, 2011

"There is an epidemic of disconnection"

I was watching today's episode of Oprah and the whole thing has just left me numb.

Today, her show focused on everyday military families and their struggle with dealing with the war. She focused on a couple military families, one who the husband was severly injured and another mother who lost her son in Iraq, and now what they deal with day-to-day. Michelle Obama, Tom Brokaw, and Bob Woodward were also guests.

Bob Woodward has recently said that "there is an epidemic of disconnection" between Americans and the war. Men and women are killed almost daily fighting for our country and there are so many who are just quick to forget the situation.

We, as Americans, need to WAKE UP!!!

I will be completely honest. When this war started, I was a teenager who really didn't fully understand what the whole war meant. I would watch music videos featuring military families saying goodbye to their families as they would head to war and I always thought it was just so sad. I never fully understood until I became one of those families. It is hard to understand unless you are in this position. But think about it... we have teens fighting for our country. There are moms and dads leaving their families not knowing if they will ever be back. We should be able to come into together and just be a support for those families. Not understanding should not be an excuse.

We have been in the position where many times people have come up and thanked Robert for his service. I am so proud of that. I am proud that people recognize his service and commitment. But my husband does not serve for recognition. He serves because that is what he felt he could do to make a difference in his life and for his country. But another topic that was brought up is how it is easy to spot those men and women who are wearing their uniform, but what about those who have no uniform to wear? The spouses who have lost their loved one, children who have a lost a parent, parents who have lost their child, and those who wait at home while their spouse trains and fights for our freedom-- are all those who wear an invisible uniform. was a website listed that lists different ways to give back. We need to find out about those families in our area and reach out to them. Something so simple can make a HUGE difference. Just put forth a little effort and I know this can be successful!

There are so many ways to find out who serves in your community. Next week at church ask if there are any members who serve. Teachers, do you know if any of your students have family who serve? It could be as easy as making a card letting them know you are thinking about them, asking if they need help around their house, seeing if they need a spare moment of breathing room by themselves. Just giving a few minutes of your time is all that is needed.

There is so much that I know I could do. There is so much that I want to do.

Please, let's not forget the faces of this war. Let's not forget those who have given so much for our freedom. This country needs this more now than ever.


Tuesday, January 25, 2011

We are all moved in!tooot

So, we are here in  our new house. I love the fact that we are basically in  the same house too. Although, I have noticed that some rooms are larger here as well as some that are smaller. Kinda odd... lol.

I am now in the unpacking process. Ugh. When you are given a 2-day notice to pack and move things kind of go in the "just throw it in a box and go" attitude. Needless to say, tonight it took me 15 minutes for me to find my pot to cook my chili in. I haven't even attempted to hang stuff on the walls yet. It will all come together soon.

Robert started his new cycle today. It was so funny but yesterday he wanted to call me just to tell me that he was leaving work and would see me in a few minutes! I think someone is loving the short drive!

Tomorrow, the boys and I are driving back to the old neighborhood so Thompson can play with his friends and then Meridith and I are taking the kids to Chick-fil-A to play BINGO! I am SOOOO excitedThat's abouut all that has been going on here. I just need to call and hook up my internet since my computer is fixed!! Yay!

Thursday, January 20, 2011


Today was moving day #1. I was flying solo on the packing, unloading, putting away. As usual, Robert had to work. Thankfully, he has off tomorrow and will be able to help do the big stuff. We rented a trailer so hopefully we can make it in as few trips as possible. Luckily, I have some incredibly great friends who have adopted my boys while we are doing the move. I am so going to miss them!!

The house is great! It has the same layout as the house we have now which is good... I already know where everything goes! :) I am excited to set up our back patio. And one of my favorite things is that the community center (which has a fitness center and a pool) is just steps from the house! 

So, as tired as I am, I am up at 10:30 cooking Robert dinner. I have had a sinus infection and I have worked non-stop today. Needless to say, I am ready to crash. Before I know it, it will be morning and time to start another day.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

We got a house!!AAAAA

You heard me right! We got a house!!

Today, I went to the housing office to talk to the main guy about when he thought we would be getting our house. I was tired of hearing one thing from one person and something from another... He told me we were at a great position on the waiting list and we would probably be getting a call to claim a house within a few weeks! I was estatic!! We were talking about our application and some things we were trying to get fixed with Brycen. Well, during this time my phone kept ringing and ringing. I just ignored it because I didnt want to be rude. Well... he starts looking real hard and says "Wait a minute!" He then called a girl just down the hall on the phone and asked her if she was trying to acess our account. She said "Yes, I have been trying and trying to get ahold of her to offer her a house!" He then tells her how I was sitting right in his office. I could not believe it. I cried, not kidding. The military is just so frustrating at times and nothing ever seems to work out. So I then walked into her office and start filling out paperwork! Turns out someone was supposed to be moving into a house this week, but at the last minute couldn't. So she asked how soon we could move!

So now Robert and I went up to sign our lease and we are picking up our keys on Thursday!! I am so happy! I have a ton of packing to do. And we have to be out of our current house by Monday at 11. :/ And Robert has to work on Thursday. Oh well, it will all work out!

Funny thing is that the house we are moving to is exactly the same layout as the one we have now. But we will have a fenced in backyard! I promise to do a big post once I get everything settled.

I know Robert will enjoy being so close to work. And we both will enjoy the money we will be saving in gas! Whoohoo!

Another good thing... I received an email from the Geek Squad saying my computer is finished and about to be shipped back! It has been a great day!!

Sunday, January 16, 2011


So, still no  computer. But I am asking you all just to keep us in your prayers. As most of you all know we are trying to move closer to Robert's work and I have actively started looking for a job-- both two needed situations. We aren't moving too fast on the wait list. We have been on there for about four months and still have a ways to go. I know that finding the perfect job will not come easy. I am always hopeful, but also realistic. Just say a quick prayer for us if you will. All of this is trying sometimes, but I know that God has a plan for us

Hope you all are having a good weekend!!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Blog Hiatus

not by choice...

i am taking my computer in to get worked on. therefore, i am writing this message via my phone. this is the reason for the awful grammatical errors. i promise... i am betur edumacatid then this!

haha, couldnt resist.

talk to yall soon!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

2011, Glad You Made It!

2010 was a wonderful year! We were blessed at the end of 2009 with our baby boy, Brycen and have had the best time watching him grow into a big 1 year old! 2010 was also a big year for Robert. We moved to Oceanside and Robert started his new job. I used to think that when he was in the fleet, I never saw him. He was always working, working, working. Boy was I wrong! I have had to rely on myself a lot this past year. I call myself a "single, married mother". Ha!

I did have a few resolutions I made, most I couldn't tell you what they were... One, I know, was to lose my baby weight... yep... big negative! Oh well. Isn't that what the next year is for?! ;) So here I am, it's 2011, and I am vowing to lose the baby weight. Eesh. We are buying an elliptical and Robert and I are going to diet together. It will be nice to have him to do it with. Although... I have got to work in a way that I can still go to Chick-fil-A.

My other resolution is to be more organized. With two small children, it is kind of impossible it seems. But I need to be more structured. Ugh. That is one that I am really going to have to work hard on!

So, I am not trying to put too much on myself. Just start with small goals and eventually they will turn into big goals!

Do y'all do resolutions??