Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Nemo, Nemo, Nemo!

Last night we went to Harrison to pick up some of Thompson's party supplies-- we are having a Nemo party! So after we bought plates, napkins, cups, party favors, balloons, etc... we went and had a great dinner with Linda and Ansley at Neighbor's Mill (one of my favorites!).

Ansley is such a sweet girl and one of our favorite cousins!

Tonight, mom and I are going to Fayetteville to go fabric shopping. I have never been fabric shopping and I know that I will be so overwhelmed with all of the choices. I am recovering my dining room chairs as well as the rocker and ottoman that I bought a while ago. I want a fabric that I can use in the future, but also will fit in with the nursery. So I am thinking a nice sage green, something like this:

I think it would fit in nicely. But, we will just have to see.

On an exciting note, my friend Becca, is about to give birth to a beautiful baby girl, Jade Allison, any day now! She is almost 39 weeks, and her blood pressure has been giving her some troubles here lately. So she goes in for an appointment tomorrow, and they will make the decision then about what to do. Please pray for her. We are so excited to meet little Miss Jade, but we just want her as healthy as possible. Here is the cutest little outfit that I had made for her. I never got to see it in person, and Becca was nice and sent me a picture of it!

The cute monogram on it!

A little story from yesterday... Robert took me to lunch yesterday at a restaurant here in town. Well apparently we left his phone on the table and didn't realize it was missing til yesterday evening. I searched, he searched, mom searched, dad watched us search, but to no avail we couldn't find the phone! I was so worried about it. He has TONS of important phone numbers on it, and with me leaving mine in California, there would be no way of anyone getting a hold of us if they had to! So needless to say, I didn't get much sleep last night. I kept having nightmares about someone stealing it. Not fun! So this morning I called the barber shop that we went to after lunch... he didn't have it. Finally, we call back to the restaurant and they said they had it! Thank God!!! I was so relieved! Especially since Robert had planned to go to Missouri today to visit his dad and grandpa. I really didn't want him travelling without it. So he stopped by and picked it up on his way out of town! Whew! Thank goodness something finally went our way!

That seems to be about it for us! We had a great lunch today with my cousin, Tiffany. Thompson has already nicknamed her! He is getting really good about names, well the names he gives people! ;)

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