Saturday, September 5, 2009

College Football has began!

It's Christmas, It's Christmas! Nope, it's just the opening weekend of College Football. BUT, I guarantee that my husband would agree that it is the same feeling. :) He LOVES, LOVES, LOVES football-- especially college ball. It is so cute to see him get so excited! Sadly, I know how much he wishes he was out there playing. It could be the fact that he mentions how "I am better than that guy" or how "I could play for that school" or how he knows every play that they should run. Just teasing. ;) He is so excited to be here this year to see the opening games. Atleast we hopefully don't have to worry about having another baby at the Razorback game. Yes, yes... I went into labor at the Razorback football game. At the beginning. Before we even got to our seats. Water breaking everywhere. I think it is the most depressed and sad I had ever seen Robert. He had talked about going to a Razorback game the ENTIRE deployment. So as soon as we got back to AR, we went. Funny thing is that I joked at how funny it would be if I went into labor at the game. I would definitely say it was more on the embarrasing side. As I sat waiting for a shuttle to take us back, he would run back and forth between watching the game and checking on me. Poor guy. BUT... he was so excited realizing how soon Thompson would be here! I will never forget that day.

I love football... well I love Razorback football! I loved going to the games when I was in college and calling the Hogs! I don't care where I end up in life California or wherever... the Hogs will always be #1 in my heart! Wooooo Pig Sooiee!!!

Tonight I made an AWESOME lasagna! Here is my secret:

No Boil lasagna noodles. I discovered these things a while back and our Commissary (base grocery store) started carrying them. I was there analyzing the different noodles. Should I pay $.30 more for these "No Boil" noodles? YES! It made the whole process so much easier.

As for my trifle... I am eating it tonight. I would take pictures, but of course I can't find the camera. Nice, huh? You would think I would learn to put stuff up. Oh well. I will search for it later! :)

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