Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Life Check

Do you ever feel that God sometimes has to give you a little "check up"? I know that I get so caught up in all of the frustrations in my life, that I sometimes forget about all of the good. And then God gives me a little "check up".

Tonight we had another scare with me bleeding, and for those few hours, nothing in the world seems to matter. I totally focus on Brycen and making sure he is ok. Thankfully, all is well. Apparently, I am really susceptible to anything that irritates me and causes the bleeding. Don't know why, I never had anything like this with Thompson. But it sure does scare you to death. I am just so thankful that he is such an active guy and wasn't ashamed to move around and kick every 5 seconds or so! :) I love him, but I am not ready to meet him just yet. He has a lot of growing left to do, and I am going to try my best to make sure that happens!

On another note... the ER we went to was the hospital I delivered Thompson at. It was so surreal, knowing that 2 years ago I was in the same exact spot meeting the little boy that changed my life. We even had the same exact nurse, Lindsey! She was so great then and today. She recognized my name and knew it was me. I was SO thankful to see her as well. And of course, she gave me the best treatment ever! I am so proud to be as healthy as I can and to have the best people in my life. It made me a little sad knowing that Brycen wouldn't be delivered there when the time came. I had such an awesome labor and I just pray that it goes just as well the 2nd time around!

Keep us in your prayers. I know that everything will be fine, but I always like to know that Brycen has some extra prayers coming his way! :)

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  1. Will do hunny! We love ya'll & Mr. Brycen you just need to stay put for now =)