Friday, March 16, 2012

Nom, nom, nom

I have been cooking A LOT here lately. Robert has been requesting a cheesecake to take to work weekly. Apparently his co-worker's have been asking for multiple ones, but he limits them to one a week. ;) I can't take credit for the recipe, that one is all by Mrs. Paula Deen. HERE is a post with the recipe! You can thank me later!

I also have been making some recipes I found on Pinterest. So neat to find new stuff to try!

The first one I made for Valentine's Day! It was sooooo good! Really, so good! It is Spicy Chicken Rigatoni

The second recipe I tried was Sour Cream and Bacon Crockpot Chicken. To be honest, wasn't so crazy about this. Maybe I cooked it too long? Anyways, it was so-so. I might try it again where I don't cook it all day. Probably would be a lot better!

 Next is my favorite, White Chicken Enchiladas!!! I am telling you, this is so yummy! I have made them twice now. Robert loves them too! The green chile sour cream sauce just makes the whole thing. Trust me.

I also whipped up these bad boys one Sunday morning. I might have ate like the whole pan. Maybe. Anyways, I didn't have any chocolate chips (I know, darn!) but don't you worry... I found something else! Nutella! Oh yes, I said nutella! Peanut butter + Nutella = HEAVEN!!!

I also made these bad boys! SLUTTY BROWNIES! Yes, I said said slutty brownies. And they were worth every calorie!

And of course Robert says, "You know what would make these even more AWESOME?! Marshmallows!" So of course I had to make them again... with marshmallows. I found the flat ones made for smore and lined them up under the oreos. They bubbled up big and gooey and made it so yummy. If you don't like "lava-like" cakes, this might not be the dessert for you. Unfortunately, I do! So this dessert is for me! And I had to try it with the ice cream... the author said I had too. ;)

So there are a couple of recipes for yall to try! I will be walking 10 miles just to try to make up for all of the naughty foods I have ate. Talk to yall soon!