Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Fun in the Sun!

Yesterday we went to Branson! We headed for White Water and finally made it! The craziest thing happened as soon as we got into Branson. The police had blocked off a huge main intersection and made everyone do a detour around it through some back streets. This took about 30 minutes, to maybe go 2 blocks! Turns out, there was a huge stand off with a guy in a motel. Apparently he was armed and wanted for murder in Texas! Crazy stuff!!! This started at like 6 am, and I think he finally surrendered around 4.

As soon as we got to White Water, Thompson headed for the kid's play area. And he had a ball!!! He played all day long and didn't want to leave. I had to ask the lifeguard to get him because he barricaded himself in a tunnel. ha! Brycen enjoyed his day too! He made his way in the lazy river. We bought a little floaty thing for him to sit in. He splashed in the water and just kicked back. Then he got tired and I thought he was going to fall head first into the water. So I picked him up and carried him the rest of the loop. He then played a little, had a bottle, and then took a nap in his stroller. He slept the rest of the day! Thompson, Brittany, and I then went and got a sno cone! It was yummy! Thompson also had some dipping dots. I will have to say that I am a little peeved at White Water though. For years (I mean, atleast 15+)  they have had a "landlubber" pass. This is geared towards adults who do not ride on the rides and prefer to sit in the lounge chairs or just float on the lazy river. Well... apparently they got rid of it this year. And for this momma who has two babies and does not ride rides, I was a little peeved to say the least. It was about $20 for a day pass. Now, we have to pay $40+ for a day pass. You can bet your bottom that White Water will be receiving a complaint from yours truly! Oh, and they took out the dressing rooms too! Now they just have one big common area for changing. Hello? Can a girl not get a little privacy???

Nana and Brycen

Brycen and I

After we got the shaft from White Water, we headed to Harrison. We ate at one of my favorite restaurants ever! Neighbor's Mill I always get the salad sampler that has a serving of chicken salad, caesar salad, I sub my fruit for tomato basil soup, and you get a muffin. (Yes, I am one of those fruit subbers! Ha!) Tonight, they didn't have my muffin (chocolate banana) so I got their fruit scone. It was amazing! It even had an orange glaze over the top. Delish!!

My tired boy

Then we headed down the road to visit my aunt and uncle. I have the fondest memories of their house growing up. My sister and I were talking about the old white swing that hung from their tree in their yard. I keep thinking about the house from when I was little. I remember my cousin, Linda's room, watching "Wee Sing" videos, and the way their kitchen was. Then we headed to my mom's house that she grew up in. Her brother and her recently acquired the house after their step mother passed away. They are working hard to get it back in shape. My mom hadn't been in the house in over 30 years, and I know that she loves being back there.

We definitely had a great day! I love spending time with my mom and sister. They are both such a great help with the boys. I think my sister just likes practicing for when she has some kiddos! :) I have decided that since I am done having babies (ha!) that when she has kids, they can be like my surrogate children. My older sister, Tara, does that with my boys and I think it is so funny. You get to love on these babies and then give them back to their mommas when the day is done! I think Tara may be on to something... :)

Today, has been really low key. My nephew, Jude came up to play with Thompson. So the boys played outside, riding tricycles and tractors (power wheels, not the real thing ;) ). We then ventured to Sonic for a drink and came home and cooked dinner.
Robert got his new class of students yesterday. He is actually having to take a motorcycle class today til Friday. Yes, I said motorcycle. Unfortunately, I am one of those wives that gave into her husbands never ending begs and pleads to get a motorcycle. (I know that I gave in just so I wouldn't hear about it anymore!) So all the way back in April, Robert got him a motorcycle. I didn't say anything to anyone, besides my dad, for the shear fact that I didn't want to hear about it. Yes, I know they are dangerous. I realize this. But, I am not the one driving, I don't have to be reminded of that fact. So with the kind words of encouragement "You better be careful, watch out for the crazies, and you better not leave me alone in this world raising 2 babies", he got what he wanted. Ugh. I hate saying that, but whatever. I am over it. I am just thankful that he is taking a safety course to help better him as a rider. So without further ado... here is Robert and his new ride.

I took this picture back when he first got it, we were still in 29 Palms.
Hope yall have a good evening! I will add more White Water pictures tomorrow!

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