Monday, June 14, 2010

Almost Heart Attack!

Today, I went to the TMO (Travel Management Office) to finish our claim for moving. We did a Partial DITY (Do It Yourself) so we will be paid for the amount of weight we moved ourselves. We had went to the office when we first got to Camp Pendleton, but we didn't have both of the vehicle's registrations so we had to come back at a later date. Well factor in Robert's month of work and my trip to AR, June had definitely rolled around. I called up there last week and found out that I could finish it by myself without Robert. Well, last Thursday I went and they said that they would call me and so forth and I could come finish. Well they never called so I decided to go in there today. I gave them our paperwork and as the guy was scanning over it, he says "You do know that you had a 45 day limit on this, don't you??", I did not know that. I then started doing what any normal person would do, I cried. And cried. He then started to look it over again and said "Well hey! You didn't receive any money up front, so you are good to go! There isn't a time limit on yours." I could have fell over. The thought of having money basically fly out the window by a matter of days just made me sick. I thanked him for noticing that minor detail and he told me that we should receive payment within 4-6 weeks. Whew.

But, that still doesn't help the fact that I STILL cannot find my UPC from cell phone box to mail in my rebate! This makes me SO mad! I know that it was on the kitchen counter. That was until I cleaned! I must have thrown it away or something because it is no where to be found. I could get sick over this one. I know one day it will show up and I will have to relive my anger all over. Ugh. Not fun.

Sorry this was such a downer type post. But sometimes a girl has just got to vent! :) I am, however, cooking a great meal of pork tenderloin, green beans, and rolls for dinner. I am using my recipe from THIS post. Also, I am trying better to budget myself and I have started to plan out meals for the week ahead. This way I can write down the ingredients I need from the store and not have to make so many trips each week. Problem is that I always seem to make the same meals. So, I have challenged myself to try a new recipe each week! So, if you have any new recipes that you love, please pass along! This week I think we are going to try the enchilada ring that is on Kelly's recipe blog. It looks yummy and it is a great new way of using chicken!

And I might, just might, make the coconut cake too! ;)

Oh, and this is my poor husband today. He isn't feeling too good and he fell asleep like this on the couch!

And here are a couple of pictures of Robert and I from the dinner we went to this weekend!

We had a great time together!

Oh, and a big congrats to the hubby! He shot "Expert" on the rifle again, so now he will receive his 4th award for that! Whoo Hoo!

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  1. Congrats for Robert. That doesn't look too comfortable on the couch though!