Monday, June 21, 2010

Things to do!

Today I have accomplished quite a bit. I have a lot of things that need to be done before we leave on our trip Thursday. Eesh!

I had a MOUND of laundry that needed washed. I have done 2 loads so far, and have about 2 left. I did two loads of dishes. I forgot to tell you how our dishwasher story ended... I went and bought a new dish soap. We have always used Cascade liquid, well I bought the tablets the other day at the store hoping that it might help. WOW!!! My dishes were clean. Because our water is so hard here, it leaves a residue on the dishes. So, they invented this stuff to help with it!

Oh, this stuff is amazing!

Well, I ran out of it the other day and the Commissary was out as well. So, finally on Sunday they had some! YAY!! My dishes are clean again. (I am a pretty big dork, yes I know! Ha!)

Then I had the daunting task of hanging pictures. I hate this. Seriously. I hate making decisions about something that will potentially be staring at me for a few years. Robert and I moved the couch yesterday onto the "big wall" and put the loveseat on the "smaller wall". Which then, I had to move my enormously big, extremely heavy wall mirror. After about 30 minutes of sweating and griping, it was hung. I hung another wall picture and 2 sconces in the living room. At the mid-landing (???) of my stairs I hung 3 pictures of the boys. I have a pretty big space at the top-landing (???) to hang the rest of the boys' pictures. I will probably take this on tomorrow.

I also need to hang all of my wall decor in my room as well as Brycen's. And then... I WILL BE FINISHED!!! The only thing that I need to figure out is what I can put on the walls in the play area. They are really bare and need something. I don't want anything too kiddish, but I don't want something to grown up. So, I will have to be on the lookout for something.

Something I have been putting off is the Pioneer Woman reading. I know that once I start, I always get so wrapped up in everything Pinoeer Woman. She is amazing! I am love with her cooking and have started browsing her recipes again. Thanks to her, I am sitting here drooling over the thought of a blackberry cobbler! Yum! I am thinking about purchasing her cookbook too. When I get some free time, I want to sit down and read her story she wrote about her and her husband "Black Heels to Tractor Wheels: Chapter by Chapter, by Ree Drummond, The Pioneer Woman".

So, I did try 2 new recipes this past week. I made the CHICKEN ENCHILADA RING that Kelly posted and the CHEESEBURGER PIE from the Dinner Bells blog. I honestly had mixed feelings about both. I liked the enchilada ring, but wasn't crazy for it. The cheeseburger pie was too "eggy" for me. It reminded me of a quiche. I am definitely not an egg eater so I kinda just picked through it. So this week, I am on the prowl. I am sure I will find something yummy to make from the lovely P.W.! ;)

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