Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Anniversary and a whole lotta nothing!

Today is my parent's anniversary! They have been married for 37 years. Wow. Especially in today's world, it is so refreshing to see people married that long. Robert and I are about to celebrate our 4th, and that seems like an eternity to me! Ha! I told him by the time you are married for that long, you just learn to tolerate each other. ;) Oh, I am just playing. But no, it is funny to think about my parents and how they have evolved over the years. My dad takes my mom out shopping and will sit in the truck, read his newspaper, nap, sleep, and never bother her. He just lets her do her thing. And trust me, I have been there many times where we have shopped all day! My dad is a trooper! And he never complains. Robert on the other hand, hates when I have to run to the store especially Target. I tell him, "Give me 5 minutes. Time me! I guarantee that I will be out in 5 minutes!" I never do. But it works for the time being. I told him that eventually he will become like my dad, laid back. My dad hasn't always been that way, but now he is just so good at it! :) I am sure Robert is hoping that eventually I develop some of my mom's habits. Cleaning, laundry, working, waiting on his every need... ha! Hate to break it to him, but I am too much like my dad! Love it!

No, but really I am so blessed to have my parents. They show me that not everything is easy, but it is possible. Happy Anniversary to them!

Today is Robert's last day of his cycle!! His students graduated yesterday and today they are having a little bbq to celebrate. I made a cheesecake for him to take today and I am praying it is edible! I hate making things and not being able to taste them to make sure they are okay. So I gave Robert the task of being the taste tester. He is going to have off til Monday morning and I am so excited! I think we are going to head to the beach and one day head to the lake to do a little fishing! Should be lots of fun. I am just most excited to have him here to help me out a little bit. ;) No, there are just some things that we need to get done and some of it is hard when you have two little ones. So he can be Mr. Mom and watch them while I work. We need to get Brycen's room together most importantly.

We got our couch and I am in love!

Super comfy! We are just now waiting on our loveseat to come in!

Something I haven't been too vocal about is my dieting. I have been dieting hardcore lately and am proud to say that I am 2 pounds away from 30 lbs lost! I am so proud of myself. I have been really working hard at it for the past 2 months. I still have a ways to go before I am at my goal weight, but I try to take each day at a time. My dad has been an inspiration to me. Over the years he has been steadily gaining the weight. Well he decided back in February that he was going on a diet. If you know my dad, you know how he loves his snacks. (I tell you, I am just like him!) Well he has been doing so GREAT!!! He has been counting calories and sticking to a healthy diet. He has lost about 26 lbs so far. And you can really tell! I know that he is so proud of himself. I am too. I never thought he would ever be a dieter, but he is doing so well. I can't brag on him enough. So if my dad can do it, anyone can! 

On to some very important news... has anyone been watching The Bachelorette? I have to admit, I wasn't the biggest Ali fan when she was on The Bachelor, but she hasn't gotten on my nerves yet. I have already picked out my top 2 from the first night and so far it hasn't changed.


Chris L.

He is a landscaper from MA. He was a teacher for inner city kids in NYC til his mom got sick. He moved home to take care of her and his dad. Ummm...this guy is pretty awesome. Definitely gets my vote!

And my top pick is...


Holy Moley! He was a former baseball player and he is just so good looking. Ali is smitten over him. (She ain't the only one, sister!) I hope he gets to be the future hubby!

And on to a few more characters of the show...

This is Frank. Ali like quirky guys, Ali likes Frank. I like him too. He is funny, down to earth, and quirky. They seem like they would be a cute couple.

Meet Craig M. aka drunken idiot

Craig, I initially thought you were very handsome. Loved the hair. But the more you talked, the more I realized what a loser you were. You are so full of yourself! And here is a little tip: Girls don't like that! But it's ok, he got eliminated last night. And on his exit interview, he was already trying to line up women at the airport to be waiting for him. Again, Loser!

And this is Weatherman aka Jonathan

Weatherman (as EVERYONE calls you in the house because secretly they don't know your name!) is annoying/borderline nutso. He made it clear the ENTIRE show that he does not like Craig M. Ok, I get it after the thousand times you said it. I am so ready for you to be gone!!!

And finally meet...


This boy is from Missouri, he is southern and really cute. He got a 1 on 1 date with Ali and they went to Vegas. The more I kept watching him, I kept thinking "He reminds me of someone I know!" And then it hit me. He reminds me of my cousin, Bracken. And, well, that's just not right! So he can go home anytime now!

This is my cousin Bracken and his wife, Leah.

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