Friday, June 11, 2010

Happy 6 Months Brycen!

I know I say this every month, but WOW! You are already 6 months old!!

You are changing more and more each day. I can already picture the little man you will one day be. You are in awe of your big brother. Anytime he is in the room, all of your attention is on him. It's the craziest thing. Every morning he wakes up, he has to go and check on you to make sure you are ok. If you cry, he is the first to tell me. If you wet your diaper, he is right there bringing the diaper. He loves you so much.

On to stats...

I weighed you the other day and you were 17+ pounds! Whoa! We will get your official weight when we go to the doctors next Wednesday.

(I love how it looks like he is doing the water sprinkler!)

Your height is somewhere around 27+ inches. Again, official on Wednesday.

You are wearing anything from 6-12 months in clothes. You are so long that you need bigger sizes. You are wearing a size 2 diaper and size 2 shoe.

You are drinking about 4 bottles a day and 1-2 packs of Stage 1 baby food. You LOVE the fruits and sweet potatoes, but could care less about any other vegetable!

You're sleeping great these days! You go to bed around 10 at night and will usually sleep til around 9 or 10 in the morning. PTL!!! You take about 2 naps a day. You have one big nap (About 1-2 hours) and a cat nap in the afternoon.

You love your jumperoo and bumbo seat. I have been putting toys in front of you and you love to play with them. You do love your brother's trucks and he loves to take them from you when he sees you with them. :)

You are now sitting up by yourself! What a big boy! You are already trying to crawl. You will get up on your knees and hands and push like you are going to go. So cute! I have a feeling you will be a low crawler like your brother started out doing. You can definitely make your way around the room by rolling or scooting on the floor.

You cannot sit still at all. Your legs have to be moving 90mph the entire day. I can already see a future of me having to chase you down all day long. Goodness, and I thought your brother would give me a run for my money!

You are definitely a momma's boy! You light up everytime you see me. (Trust me, the feeling is mutual.) But, you are so fascinated by your dad. You will sit there on his lap and just stare at him. When he notices you looking at him, he will smile at you or talk to you and you just laugh and smile. It's so cute to watch.

I still think your hair is going to be light. For Jude's sake, you have "grown" some more hair since we were in Arkansas.

I just know that you are going to get a tooth any day now! Your brother cut his first one when he was 6 months and 1 week. We will have to see about you!

I want to go ahead and apologize to you now, Brycen. I know that everything you do, I compare you to your brother. Well Thompson did this at this age. Well Thompson weighed this much when he was this old. And so forth. I'm sorry! Your dad reminds me all the time that you are not Thompson and that you have your own schedule. I know this. But I kinda just use him as a guide. I promise not to fret if you aren't on "his schedule" with anything. I know that you are your own little man. I guess it would be kinda boring if you did everything the way Thompson did!

I love you, baby boy! Happy 6 months!!

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