Saturday, June 5, 2010

Summer Days!

Yesterday was great! We woke up and got ready to go fishing. Robert wanted to show me this great drive up Ortega Highway. The road is windy and narrow but has an awesome view!
We got to the top and he pulled over for me to take some pictures.

Then we pulled over and had a cheeseburger. Thompson sure is enjoying his shake!

Brycen is always such a happy boy!

Dirty face and all!

We drove down to the lake at the bottom, but it just didn't look very clean. And there was hardly anywhere to park and go fishing. So... we headed back to the base and went to the lake we have here. Robert was the only one that caught anything. I couldn't even get a bite! I blame it on the crazy wind and a certain 2 year old that could not keep still or quiet.

Here are some pictures of the boys from this week. Funny how huge Brycen looks compared to Thompson, but it's just the way I took them.

He has really got the sky diver/surfer pose down!

But here is the really exciting news!!!

Look at me!

This little man is awesome! Over the past little while, I just knew he was so close to sitting up by himself. So, I started to take some pictures.

And now after much practice, he is doing it all by himself and is quite good at it. He can sit there for a good while now.

He acts like he has been doing it for years! ;) What is so funny is Thompson really looks like he playing with Brycen in those pictures, but really he saw him playing and decided to take away his toy and say "Hey, that's mine!" And so it begins...


  1. I love family get-a-way trips! Glad you all had a wonderful Friday! What a fun way to kick-off the weekend.

  2. Very cute, can't believe he is sitting up now! I can't wait to seee him in a fe weeks!

  3. So precious! The surfer dude pose is just too cute! You have an adorable family. I'm stopping over and now following from Karen's blog. Looking forward to visiting again.