Monday, June 21, 2010

Happy (belated, oops!) Father's Day!

I am incredibly blessed to have an amazing father. As I got married and had children of my own, I have realized just how wonderful of a man he is. Believe it or not, I wasn't always the best of child. I know that I gave my dad his fair share of gray hair's, to say the least. But he was always was there to guide me and encourage me. I am so grateful for him. And I am so grateful that the boys love their Papa just as much as I do! The other day, Thompson was talking to Papa on the phone and my dad asked him if he was ready to come to Arkansas? Thompson then started to ask me, "I want to go to Nana and Papa's house!" over and over and over. I was telling my sister about it later that day, telling her what Thompson said. Well he heard me talking as I said "I want to go to Nana and Papa's house!" And he ran up to me and said "Me too, how fun!!" It was the cutest. Of course I had to tell Mom and Dad the story. :)

And I am so proud that they boys have such an amazing, hardworking father too! Robert would give anything for them, and they are so lucky. Yesterday, Robert and Thompson headed upstairs and were up there for quite a while. I started wondering if Robert fell asleep or something so I headed up to check on them. I found them both laying on Thompson's bed just talking. It was the sweetest thing ever.

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  1. Found you through Suzette... what a sweet family you have!