Monday, June 28, 2010


We are in Arkansas! Whoo hoo!

The plane ride went amazingly smooth. I brought my laptop and let Thompson watch a movie on it. He didn't make a sound. We only had 1 bathroom trip and there wasn't any screaming fits and hitting momma! I was definitely a happy camper. And I bet our neighbor passengers were pretty happy too!

Friday, my best girlfriends and I went to Fayetteville to do some shopping for party supplies for my cousin's bachelorette party! First we made a stop at Rick's bakery and had an awesome lunch! I am in love with their strawberry salads (They're AMAZING!!) and am so sad that they are taking vacation this week. And then we stopped by BLISS Cupcake Cafe and got a little treat! I might have gotten 2 cupcakes while I was there and ate the 2nd one at like 10:00 at night, but who's watching, right? ;)

We found some great stuff for our FIESTA! The party was Saturday evening and we had a great time! We played a few games, ate some great food, and gossiped like a bunch of women do!

Sunday, I spent the day with the kids at my sister's pool. Thompson is swimming like a fish! He is even jumping off the diving board and sliding down the slide. (We will have to get pictures next time!) After staying out there for a few hours, we came back to the house and relaxed. I got a sun burn, but luckily it doesn't hurt.

Today, I stayed around the house and my nephew Jude came by to play. A 5 yr old, 2.5 yr old, and 6 month old will wear a gal out! I was constantly answering questions (most of them for the 100th time!) and making the boys something to eat! If you don't know... boys eat a TON!!! Tonight we tried out a new restaurant in our town. It's pretty tasty! The battered mushrooms and homemade strawberry pie are definitely things I should not know about. ha!

Tomorrow we are headed to White Water! I am praying for a somewhat relaxing day. Brittany is going with us, so at least I will have an extra hand if needed (which I am almost POSITIVE it will be!).

This is random, but definitely neat... last night I figured it up that my sister, Brittany, and I are 2 years and 72 days apart. Guess what?! Brycen and Thompson are 2 years and 72 days apart! Is that not odd? I just think it is the coolest thing ever! (Yes, I am a dork but that's ok!) :) Happy Tuesday!!

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