Monday, May 31, 2010

This weekend

We had a great weekend! Robert had duty on Saturday. The boys and I went up to where he was and watched movies and ate dinner. It was great to spend time with him. Jeremy, Shanna, and Haili stopped by and Thompson ended up going with them to stay the night. So Brycen and I headed home. We all got up early and got ready to go furniture shopping. Jeremy dropped Haili and Thompson off at the house. Haili was going to attempt to spend her first night away from home with us.

So we loaded up the kids and made our first stop at In-N-Out Burger. It's been a while since I had been there and boy was it good!

Thompson enjoyed his hat!

Haili did too!

She got sad right before our food came and started to cry and say that she wanted to go home. It broke my heart! I am not used to such a soft-hearted child. After she ate a little bit, she put on her hat, and drank her shake! She definitely started to feel better.

So on to the furniture shopping. We went to a few furniture stores and found a sectional that we loved!!! One problem, it only came in one color and that color was hideous! I had to break it to Robert that no matter how comfy that couch was, we were NOT getting it. I win.

So we went to another store and found a couch/loveseat that was so pretty!! If we got a couch and loveseat we wanted ones that had recliners in it since we will probably be moving our recliner chair out. Well we hit the jackpot! We sat down in the loveseat that had 2 recliners! Then we sat on the sofa and it had 2 recliners! But... listen to this! The sofa has POWER recliners. I am not kidding. I said this was apparently for the extra lazy people! Ha! Literally you push a button and it reclines it for you. Being the tight wad I am, I made sure this feature wasn't extra money or that they didn't have one that just had regular recliners. They said that this was the standard for it. So, we broke down and bought them. We get the sofa today and they are having to order the loveseat. So we will get that next week or so. Oh, and we did opt for the leather protection plan. So if anyone jabs a pen, takes a marker to it, breaks the frame, or anything it is replaced! With 2 boys, I have a feeling that something will happen.

But here is the big realization from yesterday. Three kids is hard! Especially when they are 3, 2, and 5 months. Usually I grab Thompson and Robert grabs the baby and we are off. But with three, we definitely had to get a routine established. I have always wanted three kids, but I don't think so now. Ha! It's not that they were even bad, they were all really good! It's just that I felt that I had no time to think. I was constantly doing something at all times. So, I am happy with my two boys! And you know what was funny, people really do look at you differently! They almost had a "Oh, that poor girl!" look on their face! I know they did when I had Thompson and Haili in the double stroller and I was carrying Brycen in the carrier by myself. (Robert hadn't made it there yet.)

Well we got home and the kids watched a movie. I painted Haili's toes and fingernails and we ate some dinner. Haili ended up going home before bedtime. She wanted her mom and dad so bad! So they came and got her. Maybe next time she will stay with us! :)

I did try and catch some pictures of the kids last night.

And just because I can't resist an adorable little boy...

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  1. Lenora, I showed my friends in class just how big my nephews were!