Sunday, August 30, 2009

Sunday already?!

This weekend has flown by! Yesterday, we took Thompson to the pool and had a great time! We brought his little floaty thing, so it made it a little bit easier to keep him occupied. Plus, I got to swim around by myself which was very relaxing! Later on that evening, we went to one of Robert's friends house. Him and his wife have 2 little boys (5 & 3) so Thompson had a BLAST playing with them. We didn't leave until late, so needless to say, Robert and Thompson are still sleeping!! I don't mind... I am enjoying my breakfast of blueberry pancakes and watching the Food Network. Ahhhh...this is perfect! :)

Nothing is really on our agenda today. I have to finish a paper and start on some more homework. And of course there is always the lovely laundry and dishes that need to be done. JOY!

Hopefully tomorrow I will have some exciting news!! Doubtful, but hopeful!

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