Wednesday, August 26, 2009

I Love Fall!!!

My friend Becca inspired this post. It is usually about now that I start dreaming about Fall-- it is really intoxicating. Fall is definitely my absolute favorite time of year.

When I think of Fall, this is one of the things that come to mind. The leaves changing colors and falling everywhere. Back home, there was always this beautiful tree by our post office. I remember it always turned the most beautiful shade of red. This just makes me want to live on one of those streets where you have sidewalks and can walk up and down the street just enjoying every bit of it.

Another favorite of mine is Halloween! Seriously, can kids get any cuter than being dressed up in Halloween costumes?? Here is my little lion.

And the decorations are awesome! I love seeing carved pumpkins.

Another reason this is my favorite time of year...

Not only is it my birthday, Thompson gets to celebrate a semi-fall birthday as well. Since my birthday is 2 days before Halloween, I remember growing up as a kid and having a "spider" birthday cake. So fun. And one year it even snowed on my birthday, a lot too! My neice and nephew also celebrate their birthdays a few days before mine. For the past 3 years, I have missed their birthdays and parties, and am hoping to be able to go home and spend that with them this year.
I also love fall clothes. I love layering, scarves, and coats. The only thing I would change would be that flip flops could work during the cold.

Brycen will be born in the late, late fall right before winter. So I am equally excited about that as well!
Don't get me wrong. I love Winter and Christmas time just as much. And I will have a post all about that when the time comes!
Not much new news. We are crossing our fingers that we find out something about Robert's re-enlistment. Please, please be praying for this. They have already wasted 2 months of our time and Robert needs to re-enlist in the begining of October. Let's just hope that the new career planner has his act together more than the last guy.
I finally got my ultrasound scheduled this morning! Tomorrow at 1:30!! Trust me, I will be there extra early! :)

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  1. I agree... Fall is the best of the seasons and I can't wait! Good luck with the re-enlistment AND the ultrasound :)