Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Rockie, Rockie, Rockie, Rock

Well, Robert is in the field til Saturday night. Which is actually a good thing. I have felt horrible all day and have not done one single thing with the house. Thompson has strolled out every toy he owns and it is still sitting there. He did spill his bowl of popcorn and would not pick it up, so I actually did drag out the vaccuum and clean it up. But believe me, he realized that mommy having to vaccum up the popcorn that he would not pick up, while she is about to vomit and has a splitting headache, was not the best decision he made today. But I guess it could be my fault for giving it to my 2 year old. Oh well.

He did make up for it by coming up to me tonight, with his blanket he went and got from his room and his sippy cup of milk, wanting to sit on my lap. So I plopped him up there and he kept telling me something over and over. Finally... I realized that he was saying "Rockie, Rockie", which is a song that my mom sang to me and my sisters and a song that I now sing to him. I think she may have sang it to us because my mom isn't the most creative in singing nursery rhymes :) Just playing. Well, the words are:

Rockie, rockie, rockie, rock
Rockie, rockie, rockie
Rockie, rockie, rockie rock
Rockie, rockie, rockie

You get the point? Well we all love that song and it is just so natural to sing it to him everytime he is in my lap (which actually hardly ever happens for Mr. Independent). So when he started singing the song it just made me so happy. So we called Nana and let her sing it to him a few times while rocked in the chair.

I am still finishing some last minute homework. I am a procrastinator. I have always been. But I prefer to say that I just work really well under pressure. Ha! Anyways, school will be over on Friday for about 2 weeks. Then the start of my (hopeful) final semester of school! Can't wait!

Anyways, that is about it for today. Hope everyone has a great Thursday!

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