Monday, August 10, 2009

Monday Post

Well, I survived the weekend. It wasn't too packed, but definitely more than I have done since I came back from AR!

Saturday was awesome!! Robert got home and we went over to Christina's house to watch the UFC fight. I actually enjoy watching the UFC, so it doesn't bother me. BUT...the better part of the night was definitely the food! Christina is an awesome cook. She made some delicious chicken enchiladas. I brought some homemade salsa, guacamole, and cheese dip with hamburger meat. YUM!!! Then Christina made the yummiest dessert. We don't know exactly what it is called, but it was GOOD! It had crushed pineapple, walnuts, Eagle Brand milk, and cool whip! There were a ton of people over and all of the food disappeared. It was definitley a good night.

Yesterday was another lazy day. But, hey?! Isn't that what the weekends are for? :) We took Robert and Thompson and got their hair cut. Remember the last time we went? The super nice haircutting lady gave Thompson a big ol' tootsie pop sucker to occupy him. Well as soon as we got there, the lady brings over another sucker!!! AGH!!!! Does she not know how much it took to scrub the sticky goo off of him last time?!? Well, of course he wanted it. What kid doesn't want a humong-o sucker? So we gave it to him and the drool fest began. By the time she was done he had drool covering his shirt, pants, hands, and any other visable place. What made it worse is that there was hair encrusting the stickiness! GROSS!!! So, needless to say Robert gave him that bath. Ha! And Thompson also left daddy a surprise in the tub. HAHAHA!!! I will let you think on that one... Let me just say that Robert was not too happy to hear Thompson say "Daddy! Oh no!" :)

Last night we cooked burgers and had Christina and Heath over. It. was. an. adventure. I never cook big burgers. I only make the burger sliders because they are so easy. Well, I attempted to make burgers and they turned out okay. I love my burgers big, but thin. I hate huge, thick burgers. Well that is exactly what I made. Oh well. And as for my macaroni and cheese, Robert said I need to call my cousin to get the recipe because well "that is definitely not Jackie's". Well hmph!!! And for dessert, I decided to make a frozen lemonade pie. Well the frozen part hadn't happened by the time I was ready. But did it stop me?? I don't think so! :) Robert made the comment "What's wrong with it?" Well, little did he know that today it is frozen and absolutely delicious!! Jokes on him. Ha!

Oh, and Thompson has lost my camera card. Have you ever tried to find a little, itty bitty camera card that was once in the hands of an almost 2 year old? Well, so far for me it has been impossible. It will probably turn up just like my camera did.... behind our tv cabinet!

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  1. That is too funny about the sucker and the bath. I can only imagine :)