Monday, August 31, 2009

It's happened...

The sky has officially fallen. Not kidding. At. All.

Robert went to talk to the career planner this morning and check on the package they submitted last week. Apparently it got denied with a big ol' fat explanation of: THIS MARINE MAY NOT RE-ENLIST UNLESS INTO A B-BILLET.

Seriously. Apparently with Robert being a seargent already and all of his qualification scores he would not thrive at any other job. So unless it is a b-billet (drill instructor, recruiter, SOI or MCT instructor) he may not re-enlist. Sadly, Robert knew this would happen. They told him time and time again that he needed to do one of those jobs and how it would be beneficial to his career. Ok, that's fine. Robert has always wanted to be an SOI instructor, so this would be perfect! Right??? Wrong. Not only do they work 75-85 hours a week and some weekends, they have a school that they have to attend before they can get their actual orders. Do you know what that means? I can not move until he gets his orders. Wouldn't be so bad, but his dates for his schools are Oct 8-9 and the school is 9 weeks long. So that puts him at graduating on Dec 11. Remind you, I am due Dec 15. So therefore we would not even get a house until after the baby is born. Ugh. I wanted that time before the baby was born to move and get settled in, but it looks like that isn't going to happen. I had Thompson 1 week early and if this baby decides to come early then chances are Robert is going to miss the birth due to school. Because if he misses school, then he has to start over. I am heartbroken. Nothing is working out. I know that I am supposed to have a better outlook on all of this, but today is my pity party. So I am needing prayers more than ever. For my sanity and for things to work out.


  1. Thinking about you and your beautiful family. Everything will work out, just take it one day at a time.

  2. I know it sucks. My hubbs has missed the birth of both my sons, birthdays, anniversaries.. such and such. No matter how much you plan in the Marine Corp. nothing ever goes according to. I hope everything does work out, try to be an optomistic : )

  3. That sucks... my hubby almost missed our wedding reception thanks to the Army. Stay positive and think in the long term what is best for your family!