Wednesday, August 12, 2009

I don't...

Today, I am participating in:

Jenna’s Journey Blog

Special Edition Version: I don't believe...

I don't believe that the Marine Corps actually gives a crap about their families.

I don't believe I will ever have Thompson potty trained.

I don't believe that I could ever give up sweets. Mmmmmm....

I don't believe in the word of some.

I don't believe that it is ok to smoke while pregnant. EVER!

I don't believe that my day would be complete without the Food Network.


  1. I totally agree!! Well, I could live without Food Network, but the rest I agree with. :)

    I ordered two canvases today from the girl that painted the one's for Thompson and Brycen. Can't wait!!

  2. And you will have Thompson potty trained it just takes patience...a LOT of patience. I thought I had Kelsey potty trained so I took her out in public in panties for the first time and she peed down the slide and other kids slid down and got her pee all over them.

    We left.