Saturday, August 15, 2009

Bunnies and Santa, Oh my!

It was a funny thought today. Robert and I were talking about our upcoming trip to Disneyland and how much fun it is going to be. Well, then we started talking about Thompson and how he would get to "meet" some of the characters that we see on tv and in our books. Then all of a sudden, we both had the same thought in our mind. "Oh No!"

You are probably wondering why we would say that. Well here is why...

This was Easter 2009. Such a beautiful day. Thompson was all dressed up in his khakis and polo looking very spiffy! I could not wait to get his picture made with... the Easter bunny. Here is Thompson and I pointing out the Easter bunny.

Looking a little bit with dad...

He really couldn't stop looking. Good right?

Wrong! I don't think he could squirm away fast enough. He HATED the Easter bunny. And you know what? I would probably be a little scared too if I saw a huge giant sized bunny. FREAKY! But it isn't just the Easter bunny. Nope. This is the exact version of Christmas 2008 when we took him to see Santa Claus-- except that time involved blood curdling screaming.
I just pray that with him being almost 2 he has realized that seeing these (oddly huge) characters is a good thing. It's not everyday that a child gets to interact with Mickey Mouse, Goofy, and his favorite Nemo! I guess we will just have to see...

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