Friday, August 21, 2009

Off to every's child's dreamland...

We are headed to Disneyland today and I am so excited. I don't think Thompson realizes what we are doing, but I know he will have a blast when we get there. We are leaving around 11 (pst) and stopping by Wal-Mart and grabbing lunch on the way. We want to be there by check-in, which is at 3. Then at 4, we are going to Disney's California Adventure Park! All of the families are meeting there for the Electric Parade that night!

Saturday, we are starting our day with a breakfast with the characters at the hotel. Then we are spending the day at the Disneyland Park! We will definitely stay for the park's light show that night as well. Then on Sunday, we have another character breakfast to attend, then I think we are going to lounge at the pool. Should be relaxing as long as Robert isn't itching too much to get home. (He has to go to work early on Monday.) But all in all, I am planning for a wonderful weekend.

Please pray for my patience throughout this trip. I just want it to be one of those "perfect" family memories.

Lots of pictures to come...thanks to the new xD card I will be purchasing for my camera. That's right, I still have yet to find my old card that Thompson had. Maybe he ate it...hmmm... all I know is that Robert and I searched the entire house last night looking for it. Oh well. It will turn up sooner or later.

Adios Amigos!

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  1. I get you wanting this to be a "good memory," I'll be praying it's one that its a great one, that last forever. Came across your blog and I really look forward to reading more!