Sunday, November 29, 2009

Weekend wrap up

Well today is Sunday. Usually I spend the day finishing homework that is due, watching tv, and trying to catch up on some housework. Well, I guess my day will be filled with all of those except the homework part. Thanks to the good ol' U of A, I am locked out of EVERYTHING!!! Apparently if you don't change your password in time, they will do this. So on Monday I need to call up there to plead with them to change it. (You are supposed to go there in person, but seeing how I am 1500+ miles away... that isn't going to be happening!) So after a mini meltdown yesterday, all is as well as can be.

We stayed home yesterday and watched football. I don't mind college ball-- love it better than NFL. Well last night we watched the Hogs/LSU game. Pitiful. Simply pitiful. I love the Hogs don't get me wrong, but did we not learn ANYTHING from the Florida game?? Huh? Is it that hard to see that our kicker cannot do his job?? He has ONE job!!! ARGH!!! Luckily, he is a senior and we won't have to worry about him next year. Ok, rant over. But it really was pitiful...

I am up and the boys are still sleeping. I joked that to my mom earlier that the kids were still asleep. Ha! Robert stayed up entirely WAY too late last night so I know that he won't be worth anything today. Is that bad to say? Oh well if it is. He knows it, I know it. Moving on...

Not much new on the baby news. I have a dr's appt on Thursday and like I have said before, there is a full moon on the 2nd. I don't know if I am ready for a baby then, but it will be neat to see if there is any connection. I have always said somewhere around the 9th of December. And when I was pregnant with Thompson, I always said the 29th of Sept-- he was born on the 30th. Well yesterday my mom informed me that my dad is predicting the 10th. So... if my prediction goes the same as last time, Brycen would be born on the 10th! I love the guessing game of this whole thing, but with my personality I definitely am a planner and would love to know! I have been having some more BH contractions, which is great! My doctor said that I need to have more to prepare my body for the real thing. I don't remember any with Thompson, so it is different.

Well, I am off to make my weekend favorite-- biscuits and chocolate gravy!!! Good thing too, I hear a certain little boy stirring in his room!

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