Friday, November 13, 2009

This is the not-so-glamourous part...

It is 11:40 pm and I am WIDE AWAKE!!! Granted, I did take a little nap this afternoon, but it could be the annoying fact that my hips hurt so bad and laying on my sides are my only sleeping options. And for some reason, I think I pulled a tendon in my wrist that shoots straight up forearm. It honestly feels like someone karate chopped my arm in half.

Can you tell what kind of mood I am in???

Oh, and something that I have been dreading this whole pregnancy is happening. And I don't know what to do. When I was pregnant with Thompson, my weight gain had been just fine throughout the pregnancy. I honestly didn't eat the best, but I managed to keep the weight gain in a normal range-- until the last month. All hell broke loose after that. I gained around 30 pounds in that last month. Not kidding. So basically I averaged a pound a week. Anyways, from my last appointment at 33 weeks to my most recent one at 35, I gained around 4 pounds. I chalked it up to some of the sweets I had been eating and thought I would just cut back. No big deal. Well, I have been eating better since Monday and I have managed to gain around 2-3 pounds... in 4 days!!! I am flipping out. I really don't know if it is my body and it is just bound and determined to do this or what! But I don't like it. At. All.

I don't know. I am just really bummed about that.

So, from here on out until I have the little man, I am on a strict diet. (Not kidding) And I am just going to cut back my portions and eat more smaller meals throughout the day. I know that if I did gain the weight, I would lose it. I have before and I could do it again. But why?! Why can I not gain normally?? Sorry, I just can't wrap my head around this.

I love my boys and I know that they are worth it.


  1. I have been feeling the same way recently!!!! I have been doing great throughout my pregnancy but it seems like every since Halloween, I just threw caution into the wind and have been eating like nobody's business. I don't know if my appetite just happened to kick in at a really bad time or what but I really need to start cutting back too. I think you look great though, hang in there!!!


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