Monday, November 9, 2009

35 Week Appointment

Today we had our 35 week appointment. Everything is looking great! The baby's heart rate was in the 130's and the doctor could feel his head all the way down low. She also answered my 83 questions I had. Luckily, our hospital does not have any policies against those under 18 coming in to visit. Apparently, this has been a major issue around the country with hospitals limiting visitors due to the H1N1 virus. So, I am so glad that as long as Thompson is healthy then he will be able to come and meet his baby brother! I go back in a week for the Group B Swab and she said that she would also check me at that time. With all of the Braxton Hicks contractions I have been having, I am hoping that it is preparing my body for whats to come. Funny things is that I never had any BH with Thompson. Not one. So to be having them this time is definitely something new.

This morning Christina and Heath had their final inspection and around noon they headed towards Texas. I believe they are staying in Tuscon, Arizona for the night. They stopped by before they left and we just had to have some pictures!

Thompson with Heath

Christina and Thompson

Me and Christina

Robert and Heath

Thompson didn't want them to go...

Love you guys! Be careful!!!


  1. It sounds like your little guy may want to make an early appearance! I am not far behind you, I will be 34 weeks on Thursday and have our 34 week appointment on Monday. It is so exciting that it is slowly coming to an end.


  2. I cannot wait to meet Brycen! So excited that things are coming along great! I can't wait until you come home in January! Counting down until I get to see you guys again! Love you and miss you so very much!