Thursday, November 5, 2009

Target shopping and Caviar Pizza

Today, my friend Christina and I (and Thompson) headed down the hill to Palm Desert. We did a little Target shopping where I found a toy organizer I had been eyeing on sale!

Whoo Hoo! So I picked that up and we ran into Marshall's and TJ Maxx to check to see if they had something I was looking for, and unfortunately they didn't. Oh well. So then we headed to Sam's Club. Love that place. I don't know why, but I love just browsing the store. While we were there, I tried a Churro

Apparently, this is a popular So Cal thing and up until Christina explained what they were... I had never really had the urge to try it. Ok, I know that Sam's Club probably isn't the freshest, but they were good. Who wouldn't like fried dough covered in cinnamon and sugar?! So we ate our snack and headed home.

While on the way, Robert calls asking the inevitable question, "What's for dinner??" I tell him what I was planning on cooking, but knew that he had already made up his mind what he wanted to eat-- pizza! So I tell him to order it and I will pick it up on my way home. No biggie right? Wrong. As most women do, I am the one who does all of the domestic stuff around the house-- grocery shop, run errands, order pizza. And when I do these domestic things, I am always looking to where I can save a penny. Even when ordering pizza. I will sit at the computer for 30 minutes looking for coupons before I order (not kidding). Ok, fast forward to tonight and Robert ordering his pizza. Well he calls me back and said he ordered it (YAY!). So I run by DOMINOS to pick up his order-- 2 large pizzas. And the total comes to $31.97. WHAT?!?! Are you joking????? $32 for two Dominos pizzas? Whatever. So after I curse my husband under my breath assuring this will be his last pizzas he orders and he better eat every bite, I pay for it and leave. I get home and Robert looks at me and says "This isn't right". What? Apparently, our philly cheesesteak pizza (to them) is just a thin crust pizza with meat on top. I call them, and tell them that I am not paying $20 for a pizza with some meat thrown on top and it should atleast thrown some onions, peppers, etc. on it. So, needless to say they brought us a new one. Gees.

Ok, if you totally stuck it out and just read thru my pizza rant, kudos to you. I am sorry. Apparently that is the hightlight of my day. ha!

Anyways, tomorrow is Friday. Nothing new going on here. I might try and hit up the Bingo circuit tomorrow night at the O'Club. Any takers (Eh em-- Christina???)

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  1. What else could be better than a day of Target and Pizza??? :)