Monday, April 26, 2010

I guess this is an add-on to my last post...

Want to know what I did yesterday? I spent an hour of my life (one that I will never get back!) cleaning my area rug.

Wanna know why???

Thompson thought it would be a GREAT idea to get into the fridge, take the eggs out, and smash them all over the rug.

Nice, huh?

I was fuming to say the least. I already have a huge aversion to eggs, especially raw, so this was like the worst things EVER for me! But I sat there trying to pat out all of the egg juicies (gross, huh!) and then had to scrub with soap, water, and carpet cleaner. I have no clue if this even got it all out. I did take my steam mop over it, praying that the steam gods kill all of the nastiness and future rotten egg smell.

I guess time will only tell... the rug's fate as well as his! ;)

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  1. Lenora,

    You ever thought God was trying to teach you patience? Mom and I have decided you are paying for your raising ;) Love you!