Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Busy Tuesday!!

We made it back from our weekend trip. It was good besides me being sick the entire time. I initially thought it was strep because I couldn't swallow. But then that went away and I had a severe sinus infection. Not wanting to sit at the ER all night I opted for some Mucinex and Airborne. As of last night, I am feeling much better.

Today I am scheduled to go visit my doctor and then Robert and I have an appointment with TMO, the military moving people. I am PRAYING that they will come when we need them to. But most of the time getting the military to do something on your schedule doesn't really work out. So we will see.

Some big family news! Brycen is rolling over and over and over and over! I knew that he would be doing it pretty soon. And today he wouldn't stop. Didn't even scare him. He really is such a good baby.

Not much else is going on here. We are 10 days out of our move, so I am getting anxious. I am just ready to be there and get settled in. Funny thing is that I will be in AR in May for about a week and a half. Then we are headed back in June for the month. I won't be back to CA til the first week of July! So I won't even be really moved in til this summer. I plan on painting the house as well, so that will probably have to wait til then as well. It will all come together. And you know I will have pictures when we are done.

Have a good Tuesday! Tonight is my TV night so I am excited to watch The Biggest Loser and Parenthood! Great shows!

Oh, and if anybody wants to bake these babies, ship some my way!

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