Sunday, April 25, 2010

At my wit's end!

I am feeling desperate. Thompson has been a complete terror this past week. Not all the time. Just when he gets in trouble and has to go to his room for timeout. For whatever reason, he has now decided to scream at the top of his lungs over and over and over.

Yesterday it was over chocolate milk. He had wanted a glass of chocolate milk and as I was making it, he did something (I cannot remember) that warranted for a time out. Rule is that we keep him in his room for 2 minutes as long as he is good and quiet. We don't start timing until he is quiet. Well here lately he will not stop screaming, kicking, crying, clawing, etc. It is actually a scary sight. We have tried to calmly talk to him and explain that his behavior is not going to work and that if he wants to get out of timeout he is going to have to calm down and quit crying. After a few minutes he will quit crying long enough for us to talk directly to him. After we explain that he has to sit here for 2 minutes, it all starts over again!

I am seriously about to pull out my hair. It makes me so mad, but at the same time I want to just sit and cry. We are giving him attention, but I know this could be some form of retaliation due to the new little brother. We are seriously trying to divide time between both of the boys, so I don't know?

But the fits can last up to an hour and I know screaming for that long is not good for him.

The other day, Robert swore that he never acted this way as a kid. Sadly, I know I did. I don't remember being this young, but I remember it after the age of 5 or so. I remember my mom leaving to go to her Friendship Club meetings and just laying by the front door screaming for her to come back. Yes, I admit that.

But honestly, I don't know if I can put up with this for years!

I need help. We are seriously contemplating taking him to the doctor and having him checked out. I know that it is just a phase, but we need all of the advice we can get.


On to the moving process...

We have 3 days left in the house! Tomorrow the packers will be here. Then Tuesday, the movers. Wednesday we have our check out. So Wednesday afternoon we are driving down to Oceanside to stay the night so Robert can check in first thing Thursday morning. We will hopefully have our house as soon as we can on Thursday so that way the movers can deliver our stuff. Fingers crossed!

Today, we are going to move everything out of the garage and clean it. Then we can start organizing it back in place.

I am hoping to fit in a movie this evening here on base. We have a $1 theater and I love going there! Tonight, they are playing Robert Pattinson's movie "Remember Me". I have wanted to see it for a while and am glad they are finally playing it!

Hope everyone has a great, relaxing Sunday!

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