Saturday, April 10, 2010

A Whole Lotta Nothing!

Not too much has been going on around here lately. We did have some friends over for dinner the past two nights, which was awesome! I love to cook and entertain! I made some new recipes that were delicious. I got them off here. I had watched Trisha Yearwood on The View that day and my mouth was watering so bad by the end of the show. I HAD to make something. So, Thursday night I made the pork tenderloin and asparagus. By far my favorite!!! The tenderloin was so moist and had so much flavor. YUM! And the asparagus was so good too! Last night I made the baked spaghetti and it was ok. It wasn't my favorite, but would be good for a big pot luck or something. And then I made the asparagus again. :) My friend, Kelly made these bad boys!

Always a favorite!

Today, we have done a whole lotta nothing! I don't even know if we have any plans for the evening.

I forgot to mention that yesterday I took Brycen to his audiologist appointment. He ended up passing in the normal range in all of the tests! PTL!! The doctor said that he had extremely narrow ear canals and that might have been the reason for the failed tests at the hospital. We have to take him back in a year to do a check-up, but she thinks that he is completely "normal". I am so relieved to have this news. I always knew that he could hear me. It wasn't that I ever thought he was deaf. It's just I didn't want him to have any disabilites. What mother wants handicaps for her child? So to hear that just made my day!

We are still set to move the last week of April. Hopefully our things will get to the house on Friday, the 30th. That way we could have the weekend to unpack and somewhat organize the house as much as we can before I leave for my trip to AR. Robert starts working on the 3rd, so he will be so busy. I know that he won't be able to do much while I am gone. He will be doing what they call "lights cycles". This means that he will be working from the time the lights go on (around 5am) til the time they go off (around 10pm). He might get the weekends off, we don't know. This will last for 4 weeks and then he will get a 4 week break. So basically he is working in 4 week rotations. But he only has to do one "lights cycle". After that, he will find out his schedule. We plan on a big trip to Arkansas in June. He loves to fish, so I am hoping he can do a lot of that while we are there. We are also hoping to take a trip to Florida while we are back. Robert has never been and it is one of my favorite places in the entire world! I have gone many, many times since I was a kid. But I never get tired of it!

I guess I am going to get around. Robert and I are going to do our new workout video, P90x. We did one yesterday and I didn't like it very much. Robert got a good workout in, but I couldn't do a pull up and I can hardly do a push up, so my workout kinda sucked. We are doing cardio today, that is more of my area. But, I definitely could see it working. I will let you know. Monday, I start my big diet. I have been doing a diet with my sister, Tara, but after a month or so my body didn't like it very well. So now I am just sticking to a pretty strict diet (P90x diet).

I was reading a friend's blog the other day and she linked this blog post. How true is that?! Love it!

And a big shout out to one of my best friend's Becca! Today is her 24th birthday!! Happy Birthday! Love you!

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