Wednesday, April 21, 2010

T Minus 7 days!

Well turns out my doctors appointment was today and not yesterday! So I woke up early for nothing! Oh well. My doctor prescribed me some great medicine that will hopefully knock these allergies out!

And our TMO appointment went well yesterday. We are scheduled to have the packers come on Monday and the movers on Tuesday! CRAZY!!! I am super excited. I called the moving company today and they told me that they can deliver the stuff on that Wednesday or Thursday. So, Robert is going to check in a day or two early so that way we have our house in time for the movers to deliver our things.

Last night Robert and I worked in our garage. Let me paint you a little picture... One car garage. FULL to the brim. NO walking room. And definitely unorganized. 10 plastic bins, 3 boxes, and 2 space saver bags later, we are semi-organized. I have moved all of the boxes into the back of the living room for now. I need to finish the rest of the garage this week. I am planning on having a garage sale this weekend so hopefully I can get rid of a bunch of stuff.

Tonight I am making a throw together dinner. (I call it that because I don't know what it would be called and I basically grab whatever ingredients I have and throw them in one pot!) Anyways, one of the things I am going to use is my new pasta sauce!
Have you seen this at Target? Giada De Laurentiis has started a line especially for Target. It has pasta sauces, infused oils, cutlery, cookware, and appliances! I am estatic! I love her! I really want to just go buy, buy, buy all of her stuff! So I am excited to try her creamy tomato sauce tonight! I am going to bake some chicken, chop it up and mix it all with some rigatoni pasta. YUM!

Other than that, we are just laying low. The boys are taking a nap and I am planning on relaxing a bit before I start working again!

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  1. I cooked up her Target Creamy Tomato Sauce and Target Spaghetti and it was amazing. The creamy tomato sauce has mascapone cheese which really added a lot of flavor and the spaghetti has a rough texture which seems to help the sauce really stick to it.

    I blogged about it at