Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Appointments and Such!

Today was a good day! I got the pleasure of sleeping in, which is always nice! I then woke up, ate breakfast, and watched some t.v. Brycen had an appointment at 3:20 for his 4 month check up, so I got ready for that too. I LOVE not being rushed. I can take my time and just enjoy the day.

Brycen is doing great! The doctor said that he was really far ahead developmentally and that he was a healthy boy! Poor thing had to get his shots today as well. :( It always breaks my heart to hear my boys cry over them.

After that, we all went up to see one of our friend's new baby girl.

Moriah Jewel

She was an absolute doll! She weighed 6lbs 8ozs, just like Brycen. But it is so hard to believe that my 13+lbs boy used to be that small. Holding her was like holding a little baby doll. Goodness! Babies are such a miracle!

Day 3 of the diet is going pretty well. I made Robert and I salmon and salads for dinner. Then we are about to do our P90X workout. I try to have fun while doing it. Some of the stuff is just too dang hard! I can't do pull ups on the pull up bar, so Robert went and got me the resistance bands today to use. Hopefully one day I will be in shape and can actually do all of the stuff!

Tomorrow, Robert checks out of his unit. He has been with 2/7 for the past 4 years. We were lucky that he has gotten to be a part of one of the best infantry units out there. I just hope that the next 3 years will go smoothly. Then we will be gone for a few days down to Oceanside.

I have been really praying about our move. I lived in Huntsville my whole life until we moved when we got married. I never had to experience going to new schools where I knew no one. So, I am a little apprehensive about starting over. With the Marine Corps, you basically have to start over every 3 or 4 years. I am really hoping that we find a great church that we can get involved in. From that, I hope to meet some great women to help be a support system for me and develop some great friendships. I was really blessed to have some great friends in 29 Palms, I hope to find the same in Camp Pendleton.

Right now, Brycen is asleep in his swing after his big day with the shots. And Thompson is walking around the house with his rain boots and football helmet on. I am seriously in love with my boys! I hope that they always know how much their momma and daddy love them!

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