Thursday, April 8, 2010

Allergies, House, Bins, and Graduation

First off, has anyone else been as sick as I have?! I have been battling allergies like no other. Which in turn has caused me horrible migraine headaches. I got one really bad on Easter Sunday which kind of dampened all events on that day. I just ended up in bed for the afternoon.

On Tuesday, Robert cooked burgers for us. We ate around 5pm so that way we had enough time for our food to settle before we went to the gym to workout. Not long after eating, my stomach felt really "off". I popped some tums and got ready for the gym. I worked out for a bit until my stomach hurt so bad I couldn't take it. So we came home and Robert went and got me some ginger ale and crackers. The next morning I woke up, still nauseous, so I took some medicine I had for nausea. The sick feeling subsided, but then it felt like I had done a zillion crunches. It just felt extremely sore. So... today I am hoping for a migraine and stomach ache free day!

Yesterday, a lovely woman named Diane called to inform me that we indeed had a house! (Yippee! That is why she is a very lovely woman!) So, with me (and my mom) and our mad, crazy skills, I have a map of the entire neighborhood with an exact aerial view of our house. Oh, and I also Bing'ed the house as well.

Look at my mad skills below!

The houses are like a duplex style house. I WISH I would have had the other side due to beautiful ocean views, but eh...we can't always get what we want! ;) So you can see the outlined house. That's ours! The boys are lucky to have the playground literally steps from the back porch. Oh and if you squint just right you can make out that we will have a front porch! Don't be surprised if I buy a rocking chair or two to put out there. Anyways, the house is beautiful on the outside! We are headed down there this weekend so you know I am going to drive by and hopefully get to go inside! I will post pictures of that when I get some! Oh, but do you want to know the crappy part?!? The house is ready to move-in on the 13th, but because of Robert's great, new command, we cannot check in til the 30th. Nice, huh?

Now, onto bins... You gotta love them? You know the big plastic bins that hold EVERYTHING!!! Well Robert has brought me four of them I have already semi-filled 3 of them. I am working on my 4th today. I put away Thompson's winter clothes, my maternity clothes, and some holiday decor. Today, I am going to put up our winter wordrobe. Needless to say, I have been a busy bee.

I had always planned on going to graduation. I WANTED to walk across the stage and receive my diploma. I wanted the pictures. But with the whole not moving til the 30th business, it kinda put a damper on my plans. I didn't know how we would be able to do it all AND fit a trip back to Arkansas in the mix. Well, I decided not to go. And then yesterday I had a change of heart. Things will be fine if they have to sit for a week. It will get done eventually. So, I am going to go and enjoy my graduation. Now, I am just needing lots of prayers that I will make it through the airport with 2 kids BY MYSELF!!! Now, that's a nightmare!!

Here are some pics from our Easter weekend.

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