Friday, April 2, 2010

What a difference a few days make...

We made it safely back to California! We had a wonderful time in Arkansas, but there is nothing like being in your own bed, sitting on your own couch, and seeing your husband. I think we were all glad to see Robert the most! (Even if he is a little on the skinny side!) ;)

My mom was here for a few days after we got back so we headed down to Oceanside and San Diego for a few days. While there, we were able to go and view the base housing we have chosen. It has, by far, the prettiest view of the ocean. I wish I had taken a picture but I didn't. We got to go in one of the houses and look around. It was huge compared to what we have now. Atleast 600-800 square feet bigger! It has 3 bedrooms, 2.5 baths. It is 2 story, and at the top of the stair landing it has a open space apparently for a study workplace. ??? I am confused as to what to use the space for. Any suggestions? It also has a huge closet area that will be a great mini playroom for Thompson. It has a whole wall of shelves which will be great to hold his toys and things. The boys' bedrooms are about the same size. Our master bedroom is pretty large as well, I think around 13x18'. I was planning on using the dining area as a playroom, but Robert veto'd that idea fast. He didn't want to have to look at his toys everytime he went in the kitchen. I hadn't thought about it, but I don't either. Hence the big closet/playroom area. The living room is huge! Big enough for the sectional we want. And the dining room will be a dining room. I can't wait to get it all set up and take pictures. Here is a big question though... paint or not to paint? The walls are a boring shade of white. We will be there for atleast 3 years and all we have to do is prime it back when we leave. Robert is for it, but I am the one being skeptical. Weird, huh? We probably will tho... The ONLY negative thing about the house is the parking. I don't know whose bright idea it was, but their parking sucks. Some of the houses have a shared driveway with the garage on each side of the house. Not bad. I could deal. The other parking is like an alley way with all of the garages facing the back and the front of the houses on the other side. You cannot park behind your garage, you either park in it or on the side of the street. This annoys me. I have already begged and begged the person who has been helping us to not make us have one of those houses. We will see... Oh, and the best thing about the house??? Double sinks. You don't realize how many fights happen over one person hogging the mirror and not letting a certain husband get ready! I am pumped!

I think I am really going to like Camp Pendleton though. I loved showing my mom around. I can't wait for my dad to come out this fall to see it as well. He will LOVE the area. I am now glad that we will be living where we are. We are closer to Oceanside and San Diego. Orange County would be nice, but 1. I HATED the traffic!!! 2. Can we say pricey??? Ridiculous how much more it cost to live up there.

While there we also went to the zoo! Had another successful trip there and Thompson loved it just as much as the last time we went. We ate some great food while down there too.

I am so thankful to have those worries over with. Now, it is onto another set of problems. We absolutely cannot move until April 30th. Robert's new command will not let him check in til April 30th and you cannot get a house until you are checked in. Make sense? It took a few times for this hard head to grasp that you cannot somehow offer "fortune cookies" and end up with a house early. Doesn't work. So, I accepted it and moved on. But now, this whole move in process is interrupting my graduation plans. I want to go home the first week of May to graduate on the 8th. And honestly, I don't know if it will happen. Chances are we won't get our stuff delivered to our house until that week and someone has to be there. I guess we can store it until we get back. Decisions, decisions.

Hope everyone has a great and blessed Easter weekend. We are going to do an Easter egg hunt tomorrow and celebrate as a family on Sunday. I wish we were celebrating with family, but I believe we will have a great time either way!

I promise to be back later with strict picture post!

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