Thursday, May 6, 2010

Still Alive... Maybe

Boy, has it been a whirlwind of a week. We moved in last Thursday and it has been hectic ever since.

It's official...

I HATE moving! Loathe it.

We had so many boxes (half which are still unopened). The packers did an awesome job of making sure nothing got broke. I mean, ensuring that my seasoning packets were individually wrapped was the best. I bet I could fill my house with packing paper.

Other than that, it is slowly coming together. I will post pictures later on once I get everything more settled.


Time for a mini vaca! The boys and I are headed to AR tomorrow for my graduation on Saturday! I am super excited for it. The three hour plane ride, not so much. Pray for me. I mean that. Please pray for me. Flying with children is already stressful, but doing it with 2 children by myself will be challenge.

To all the mothers out there with children, fur babies,and future babies, Happy Mother's Day! I know that I sure have one of the best! She is everything I hope to be!


  1. That was sweet, I asked Mom what we were doing for Mother's Day, and she said whatever you all want to do for me!