Saturday, April 17, 2010

Our New House

Welcome to our new house!

You enter the front door into the living room. (Don't mind the two crazies in the picture, this is the norm for them!)

Here are the other walls in the living room.

The Kitchen/Dining/Family area

The Laundry Room

The patio area and my HUGE backyard!
(Insert sarcasm here!)

Boys' bathroom

Our bathroom

The Garage storage space

Master Closet and Storage Closet

And the view from the cul-de-sac, a little bit of an ocean view.

Oh, what a day we have had! I woke up feeling really sick, sick to where I couldn't swallow. I knew it was my allergies or I was getting strep. I have figured out that I think it is my allergies. I popped a mucinex and Airborne and I am hoping to wake up feeling great!

As you can tell we went and looked at the house. I will be honest, the layout is odd. For some reason they made the dining/family are huge! I would have added some size to the living room, but oh well. Other than that, I loved it. The backyard needs some work. We are going to have to lay some stones or something. I love our carpets in our house now. They don't show anything! I have had these carpets before and HATED them. Loathed them. So I am not excited about that. The boys' bathroom is bigger than the master. Don't know about that one, but atleast I have my double sinks! And I love the size of my closet. So nice. And the double car garage will be nice too!

Oh, it's not bad. It is definitely bigger than what we have now. I am anxious to get in there in the next 2 weeks and really get it fixed up. We will probably definitely be painting. Too much white for me.

Anyways, that's it. Hope everyone has a great weekend!


  1. Call me when you get settled 314-677-8500

  2. Lenora, the house looks great! You will love it and it is big enough for Denver and I to come visit! Good luck painting... I have painted 1500 sq feet in two days!