Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!!

Tonight we are taking the boys "trick or treating" around the neighborhood. Robert has to work today, so I am hoping he will be off in time to come with us! Thompson is so excited, he has been saying "I go trick or treating tonight" all morning long.

This morning, I didn't get the best "treat"... I am sure it was definitely on the "trick" side. I heard Brycen wake up and started to cry really hard. I went in there and he had taken off his diaper and lovely POOP was EVERYWHERE!! Not the best thing to wake up to! So he had a long bath and then I got to sanitize his whole crib. Ugh. It was nasty!!

Yesterday, Robert took me out to eat for my birthday. We went to Famous Dave's BBQ, one of my favorites! He didn't make it home from work til almost 1am Saturday morning, so he missed my entire birthday. :( But I am glad we got to spend yesterday together!

Yesterday, Thompson went to a Halloween party at his friend, Kitty's house. They had some cute crafts, some yummy food, and played some games. I forgot my camera, but all of the kids were dressed so cute!

I hope everyone has had a great Halloween weekend! Be safe and don't eat too much candy! ;)

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  1. Hi hun, I'm your newest follower and your family is so cute. I would've freaked out if I woke up to what you did too. But those are the joys of being a mother right?

    Well I hope to be able to read much more. Happy Be-Lated Birthday!!