Friday, November 5, 2010

It's Friday!!

Let me tell you about this week!

It has been HOT!! We are talking about 96* hot! I have no idea why in November California decided to all of sudden have summer time temperatures. Even that would be hot for summers here. But seriously?!?! Where is the cool 60 degrees temps? Where are my sweaters and scarves? Maybe I will be able to break them out soon. I wouldn't complain, but the houses here do not have air conditioners, so it makes the house feel like a sauna. Ewww... I was sweating non-stop yesterday just sitting inside.

The boys had a great time trick-or-treating! Thompson had the routine down. He even remembered to say "Thank You" after each time. There was a house along the way that had a scary real person dressed up hiding with a pumpkin on his head. He didn't scare the little kids, but chose to scare the grown ups with the kids (i.e. ME!!). I said a few choice words and ran as fast as I could out of there. Robert then reminded me "I am glad that wasn't real, because you just left our kid up there by himself!" Oops.... In my defense I am the biggest scaredy cat ever! Thompson made out with a TON of candy. Some that mom had to "inspect" before he got! haha! Now I know why parents love this!

Other than that, Robert has been working so much! Poor guy. He gets home late, goes to bed, and then has to get up at like 4 every morning. Once Christmas comes then he will get a little bit of a break before he starts his school at the beginning of January.

I made a super yummy dinner last night! It is a Mexican Chicken Pot Pie and it was SOOO easy too! You can find the recipe here! Check out the rest of Brittney's blog too! She not only has great recipes, but she has 2 sweet boys. And she is so creative! I WISH I was like that!

Here are some pictures I took while cooking last night...

I did use canned chicken because the recipe called for it. I didn't have a problem with it, but after Robert ate it he asked me if I used it. Apparently he likes "real" chicken better. So I will know for next time.

I had more pictures of Halloween and the dinner, but for some reason they wouldn't upload. ??? I will try again later...


  1. Wow 96 in Oside thats a record during this time. The Pot pie looks so good.

  2. I have been wanting Mexican and that looks good! Im weird about canned meat as well. lol would you just cut up chicken breast to put in it?