Thursday, October 28, 2010

2 posts in 1 day!

I thought I would do an update on Brycen...

We went back to the doctors on Wednesday. She checked his breathing and decided that he was still not breathing right. :( His right side of his body is what is really bad. So for now we have put him on cingulair, zyrtec, and an inhaler when he gets really bad. We are also going to try some prevacid. Sometimes children that have reflux problems (like Brycen) can develop symptoms of asthma. Also, we are hoping with the zyrtec (allergy medicine) it will help too. Asthma can be triggered by allergies, and I bet my life on it that this baby has allergies just like his momma. :(

It breaks my heart. He constantly looks like he doesn't feel well although his spirits are always high! We are also going to be going down to Balboa Naval Hospital in San Diego to meet with a pulmonologist to hopefully rule out full blown asthma. We are just waiting on the referral for that.

We go back Monday for another check-up. Please pray that these medicines are helping him.

On a happier note, the boys have been so busy with Halloween events! We went to the library to paint pumpkins one night and then went again for a costume party and storytime! Tonight we went to the Farmer's Market where the kids were able to trick or treat from the different booths. Thompson was Buzz Lightyear and Brycen was a lion one night (T's old costume) and a sock monkey tonight. They were so cute!!!

Buzz shooting his laser :)

Brycen playing with the big kids

Yeah, he insisted on wearing his wings.

My little lion

Love his lashes!

Thompson and his friend, Kitty.

My little sock monkey!!

He has gotten SOOOO big!

Kitty and Thompson

Trick orTreating at the Farmer's Market

I love Buzz!

His new favorite is clapping and saying "YAYYYYY!"

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