Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Almost There!

Well, I called my friend Lori at the Housing Office to see where we were on getting our approval. She said that she just received the papers today and that she would get it into her system and onto the desk of the Colonel today. Then, if I understood right, they all get together and discuss them and make their decision. I believe this will happen tomorrow. I told her to put a good word in for us and asked if she wouldn't mind calling me and letting me know once they decided. Praying that it all works out. If they do say yes, then they will move our application over to Lincoln Military Housing, who is in charge of assigning the homes. Each week they put out a "hot sheet" to let you know how many houses are available in each neighborhood. Last week, there were two available in the neighborhood we are requesting. But the week before that, there were 5. Nervous Nellie here! I hope we get approved and get a house... soon!

Another thing that we have been dealing with poor Brycen! I don't know what has happened but for the past 3 days everytime we try to lay him down for a nap or at night he starts screaming bloody murder. It's bad. Really bad. I have always been the one to say "Let the kid cry it out", but this cry breaks my heart! He is ok if I lay him in the crib and sit in his floor, but if it looks like I am leaving, he breaks down. Today during his nap, he cried and cried til he fell asleep. The poor guy didn't even eat his bottle. I am assuming this is some sort of separtation anxiety. I am just really hoping it goes away fast. The past two nights we have had to let him stay up way past his 9:00 bedtime for the fact that he wouldn't stop screaming. I don't know. So confusing...and depressing. Any suggestions??

Also, if you are a military family, go to this website and register now! You only have til the 15th to do so!

Here are some more pictures from the other day!

Loved this house I spotted on the drive there!

We all had a great time at Rosa's!

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