Monday, October 4, 2010

10 Things...

I saw this on another blog the other day and thought it was neat!

10 things I am loving right now...

1. Turkey Chili-- I made a huge pot and ate a huge bowl complete with cheese and sour cream. And maybe a cornbread muffin. Or two.

2. Target! When Robert got home today I headed to Target to get some household essentials. I walked around just enjoying the quietness without the kids. I actually got to look around and shop! Usually one kid is crying or the other one is needing my attention. This prevents me from soaking in all the joys of Target. But not today!

3. Ellen-- I love her show. She is hilarious. I don't watch too many shows throughout the day, but I do look forward to 3pm when her show comes on.

4. Cupcakes! Thompson's Toy Story party was yesterday and we had a few cupcakes leftover. Needless to say I have been on a sugar high for 2 days now!

5. Quints by Surprise-- Love this new show on TLC. The family is so cute and they are from the south (which gets them extra points for that alone!). I DVR'ed it tonight and am sitting down watching it now.

6. My Boys-- Brycen has been so vocal lately. He sings to me (not joking!) and everytime he says "dadada" he blows a raspberry afterwards. Too funny. He is such a little man. And Thompson has been cracking me up all day. He has been going around singing "Go Brittany! Go Nana! Go train tracks! Go space rocket!" to the tune of "Go Shorty, it's your birthday". Oh that boy is too much.

7. My husband-- he came home today, told me to go spend some time alone shopping, didn't gripe when I came home with more than I went for, and went to be early leaving me the tv. Love. Him.

8. My Apple Cider candle. It smells SOOO good. And with today's weather being rainy and cold, it was just what I needed.

9. A new project I have in mind. I have the BEST idea... I just need to find the PERFECT frame!

10. Anytime I see a car with Arkansas tags makes me so happy! I feel like CA is another world out here, and if I see someone from AR it might make feel more at "home". I also look in to see if I know them, which I usually don't. But the other day at the commissary, Thompson was sporting his Hogs hat and a girl behind me asked if we were from AR. I told her yes, from the Fayetteville area and turns out she was from the same area. We actually graduated high school the same year. Our schools played each other in sports, so I am sure that we have ran into each other a few times growing up. Pretty neat!

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