Thursday, October 28, 2010

Happy Birthday to Me!

Hmmm... 25

Don't know how I feel about that number.

It feels a world away from 24. So much more distinguished. ha. Maybe because I can say I am a quarter of a century old.

I already have the gray hair. I know the wrinkles are just around the corner. But....

I am so thankful every gray hair and every soon-to-be wrinkle. I know they come from my crazy husband that likes to make me worry. Or from my dare-devil 3 year old that likes to test my nerves. Or the little baby boy that melts my heart and makes me wish on a daily basis that he will stay this sweet forever.

I have missed celebrating with my family for the past 5 birthdays. But they are always so sweet to remember to call and wish me a Happy Birthday. Robert will be working a lot this weekend so I don't even know if we have any plans. Usually, since Halloween is 2 days away, we are busy with stuff for the kids. Which is perfectly fine by me.

One good thing about 25 is that my insurance drops! :) That's when you know you are getting old! ha!

1 comment:

  1. Haha, 25 wasn't too bad for was 26 that was hard. I was like, "Crap I'm not 25 anymore!" Happy Birthday, I hope it's a great one :)