Thursday, October 21, 2010

Late night post!

It's after 11pm here and I thought I would do a little post on random thoughts I have been having lately...

  • I made the Spinach & Egg Noodle pasta last night and it was sooooo good! Robert asked "You know that sauce?" Me: "You mean the bechamel sauce?" Robert: "Yeah, that. You need to make more of that next time. But other than that, it was really good. You can make that one again." Anytime I get the nod to make something again, then I know I have succeeded! Yes!

  • I started watching "The Real Housewivs of Beverly Hills" last week. I am skeptical. First off, these women are OLD! And they look OLD! I thought with all of this money they have, they would have at least looked decent. Ewww... And I usually don't hate on women, but seriously?!? Seriously?!?!

Would you want to look like this??

  • I have been reading a few blogs lately and have seen mentioned this "Baby Praise" dvds. I researched them online and found them at the Family Christian Store. I stopped by there tonight and found the gift pack which had 4 dvds on sale for $24.99. Usually they run $10 a piece, so I thought that was a good deal! I also got an additional 10% off from my coupon. Anyways, I popped them in the car and Thompson loved them. They sing praise and worship songs that I grew up singing, so I LOVE them!! And it was so cute to hear Thompson singing with them-- especially when he says "hal-le-lu-la" (hallejuah).

  • My house needs some major TLC. I need to mop, vaccuum, and do laundry. Blah. That is how I feel about that.

  • Brycen is sick...again. So I have to wake up early to try and get him an appt. for tomorrow. Hoping it's not another ear infection. So far it is just a cough and snotty nose.

  • Brycen has taken some steps lately! We are so proud. The other night he walked 5 steps to Robert. He has just done 3 for me. :( Robert says I get him to excited and that I am too loud. Who, me?! Ha!

  • I have decided to write a letter to the housing people. Not because I am a dweller or because I hold grudges... (hahahaha!)... but because I feel that they need to be aware of some stuff... and because it will make me feel better! :) I am simply going to state how I do not have an understanding of how they can deny housing when 1) there was housing immediately available and those who were on the list didn't need a house til later on in the year (per Lincoln Military) 2) they are supposed to be there to help us. Causing unneccessary stress is ridiculous, in my opinion. If they don't feel helping us is their goal, maybe they need to re-evaluate their job.

  • I went around to some thrift stores the other day to try and find some vintage frames. That turned out to be a bust, but I found this beautiful entertainment center. I was trying to convince Robert how perfect it would be. He and I were arguing over the price and what we thought it would be. (We couldn't find a price) Well I asked a guy who worked there how much it was and he told me that they would take $1700 for it, but it was $2100. Yes, people, that is seventeen HUNDRED. I looked at him like he was nuts. 1) I am not paying $1700 for an entertainment center and I don't care if it was marked down from $2100. 2) We are at a thrift store!! Are you serious?!?! The guy did explain how the people who donated it paid like $6000 for it and didn't want it to go for anything less than that. Suuuurreee....

  • Brycen has been sleeping A LOT lately! The other day he slept til 2pm! Yesterday, he slept from 8am til 12:30pm. Crazy! I am going to ask the dr about that tomorrow. I don't know if it is a growth thing or if it's because he is sick... who knows?

  • It's almost my birthday! 1 week away!! Robert will be working, I am sure. But... it's still my day. Maybe I can get some time away by myself and go to Barnes and Noble or to Sonic. That would be the best present ever! haha! Just a little peace and quiet. Then, I could come home and spend some time with my boys :)

Happy Friday!! 

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