Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Here Fishy, Fishy!

One of Robert's favorite things to do while he is here is to go fishing. Last year was really the first time I had ever fished. But I loved it! It is definitely addicting!

So we took my parent's boat to Holiday Island on Sunday and fished up there. Robert caught a 15 inch small mouth bass... I caught nothing. :( In my defense, I think it is almost impossible to catch anything with a 3.5year old jumping around and screaming. Just saying... ;)

The next day, we took Thompson with us to Beaver Lake. This time I gave him my phone and said "Play games and be quiet". It worked for a while. Robert caught another bass. Still I caught nothing. Something is definitely wrong with this...

While we were out on the lake, we couldn't get the motor to turn over. So we had someone pull us to where we were parked and waited on my dad. While they worked on it, I sat there casting out. And what do you know... I caught a fish! It was a little small mouth bass, but it was a fish! I was pretty high on my horse and wanted to catch more. Thompson went home with his Papa so Robert and I fished for a little bit more. Let's put it this way, fishing at night + my lovely casting skills = running out of fishing line. So I gave up and we went home.

Today, we are going up to Table Rock Lake. It's the last fishing day and we have hopes of catching some fish. Positive thinking, people! ;) I will let you know how it goes!


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  1. Ahh fishing! I love it! It never fails that James will catch more than me as well.
    Maybe they know how to present the bait better?
    Regardless, just wait until you catch s bigger fish than Robert, GLOOOOATTTT big time!!!!