Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Kid's Clothes!!

We usually buy the boys' clothes from Target, Old Navy, and anywhere else that is having a good deal! I can sometimes find cheap clothes at Baby Gap, which I love!! My boys are notorious for their Polo shirts and my mom keeps them stocked up by getting those for usually half the price at TJ Maxx. (LOVE TJ Maxx!!!)
I usually buy clothes for the kids twice a year. With boys, they can get away with jeans and tons of graphic tee's. I also buy long sleeve under tops and pair those with normal t-shirts when it starts to get chilly outside. Definitely easier to dress than girls! ;)

Anyways, as keeping with my love for a good bargain... I will tell you about my newest purchases!

Have y'all heard of Crazy 8??? If you haven't, I am sure you have heard of Gymboree. Crazy 8 is their "sister brand". I first discovered this clothing company back when Thompson was a baby. I ordered some clothes that were on clearance and used them the next season when he was big enough and Brycen, in turn, used them too! They wash up great and are so cute!

Anyways, I have gotten some recent emails from them about current sales they have going on.

Let. Me. Tell. You.

I racked up... well Thompson racked up!

He got 4 pairs of jeans (6.99 a pair), 5 nice t-shirts (3 for 3.99, 2 for 5.99), a pair of shoes (7.99), and 6 pairs of knit shorts (3.99 a pair) all for $83.84!!

I got the package today and was so excited! So he is stocked up with some basics for this fall and this summer. We love knit shorts and he has a pair from there that I love. When I saw they were less than $4 a pair, I stocked up!

Like Gymboree, they do "Crazy Cash". For every $40 that you spend, you get $20 in Crazy Cash. Since I spent over $80, I ended up with $40. That means I can go back during a certain time and spend $80 or more and get $40 off!

So I definitely recommend that you check them out and score some awesome deals too! :)


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